Exercise after Colposcopy...

Hi Ladies, just wondering if you have to wait a specific amaount of time after a colposcopy before you can exercise. 

Booked myself into a Clubbercise course friday evening and it didnt register that I may not beable too after having my colposcopy this wednesday.

I know after lletz you should avoid heavy exercise but is this the case after a colposcopy? Cant for the life of me remember, or find my leaflet from the hopsital

Thankyou :-) 


I'd say it depends if they do any biopsies or not. If not, you can carry on as normal. If they take biopsies that's when they say take it easy for a bit.

After mine I got on my big heavy motorbike the next day (just for a short ride out with some friends) and don't think it did me too many favours. It made me bleed more. I'd say for about a week after the biopsies I could feel a little twinge if I lifted anything heavy too so if it were me I would stay off the weights and probably any exercise involving sudden twisting motions, in case you tweak the still-healing biopsy sites.

That's just me though, I guess we all heal up at different rates. You can always go to the class, and stop if anything feels not quite right!

Good luck with your results anyway, sounds like you're having a bit of a nightmare there

x x


Thank you Moggsy for the reply :-) 

I just occurred to me today that I may not actually be allowed to, I will see how I feel I guess, it was a taster session to see what it is all about so wont hurt to go along, but wont loose much if I decide its all a bit much. I will have to wait and see what happens wednesday I guess and ask the Drs. The after effects of my last colposcopy in march were pretty tame, not a lot of bleeding just a few cramps the next day after and that was after biopsys. 

Honestly it has been an absolute nightmare, shoved it all to the back of my mind and just getting on as usual as that is all I can do. I am hoping they say yep, same as last time and we will book you in for a op under ga. Unless they can give me the better news that its all back to normal (highly doubt it, but you never know :D) Not even worth thinking about the what ifs... I'll go with an open mind :-) 

Good luck with your lletz when you go :-) x 


i am going on holiday in five weeks and really wanted to shed some pounds but i feel all squeamish at exercising and the though of damaging the healing process x


You could maybe try some long walks? It's still good exercise, but no risk of pulling anything while it's trying to heal :-)

I decided to postpone my treatment until after my holiday, precisely because I will be riding a big heavy motorbike and I was worried about doing some harm to the healing process too.

It's a tricky one, isnt it? I tend to think your body will let you know if you try to do anything that is not going down too well, so if you try some gentle exercise and see how it feels you will hopefully find something that doesnt make you wince!

good luck, and enjoy your hols!