Biopsy done today

Hi i had my colposcopy today. She done 2 biopsies and a swab for infection due to my cervix bleeding at the slightest touch. Infection? Does she mean an STD?

Lady said it looks low grade so now the wait for results. I was such a trembling mess they werent going to do the biopsies, told me to come back in 6mths but i told them i have anxiety and will be the same trembling mess then too lol so while ive made it here - i need the biopsy :slight_smile:
Question please. Ive tried to see if i can go back to my training tomorrow, im getting mixed answers online. Weight training keeps my mind quiet i really need it. If i cant, how long have others waited after biopsies? Thankyou

Biopsies shouldn’t be a huge problem - it’s a LLETZ that’s the issue - and you haven’t had that done. Infection could mean STD but there are other types of infection as well. You may get some spotting or a little cramping from the biopsy, but you may not have any side effects at all!

Yes i did see that its a definite no after lletz. I do have bleeding and only slight cramping. Maybe if i give tomorrow a rest and continue work out on thurs? But I wont if it will set myself back with recovering, also it says no tampax. My period is due next tues and im SO heavy id prefer to use them, would anyone know how id know if all was ok to use after a week biopsy?
With the infection question, last time i had sex was back in mid 2019 - when all the problems started. So if there is an STD it would have been with me all these yrs? I did go to a clinic to get checked while i was with this person due to the symptoms and it was clear. Sorry for blurt of questions, if i dont get them out my head they will just run around and drive me nuts! Thanks you x

Yes, give it a rest tomorrow, and take a paracetamol for the cramping, then you can start with your exercise on Thursday. The reason they don’t want you to use a tampon is because of the (small) risk of infection - because you have tiny wounds and you’re putting something non-sterile into your vagina and against your cervix. If it’s a week before your period comes I’d give the clinic a ring and check if it’s okay. If it comes in the next couple of days you will need to get some super pads! No-one will know what the infection you currently have is until they can analyse the sample.

Thankyou for your help x