Help! What should I expect?

Hi, I just received the letter from NHS to go for Cervical Screening. I am really worried about the procedure as I have heard from many people that it will be painful. I am not sure what to expect as I have low pain tolerance and a virgin.

Could anyone advise me what can I prepare before the screening and what are some tips that I can use to counter the pain during the procedure itself?? :<

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Hi, I have bad a bad experience with smears, in particular the speculum and nurse who lacked empathy. I explained this to my GP recently and she didn’t go straight for the speculum but examined me first and then decided to fetch a smaller than standard speculum. I didn’t even know this was an option to do this and she said to ask the gynecologist for it. It was fine with the smaller speculum and I feel better about further examinations now. It begs the question, if the GP has no problem with using a smaller speculum to do her job, why aren’t the smaller ones normally being used? I think you should have this conversation with them beforehand to ease your mind.

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Hi Pinkrose!

Thank you for your response. So glad that you got a much better Smear experience this round.
I did not know they would actually provide a smaller speculum upon request. I would have assumed the one they will use would be the smallest one :<

Just another question, is there any pre or post screening care tips you have done/heard about?

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Hi, I haven’t heard of any tips. Perhaps you could take paracetamol? I had a nice slice of chocolate cake afterwards :slight_smile: I think the main thing is to try to have a good experience to begin with. Talk about this with the practitioner. I forgot to add my GP made a point of saying “you’re the boss, you can tell me to stop at any time” which felt reassuring.