painful smear test

hi i live in the uk and i am in my 20's. i have had 3 smear tests which have been very painful. my first 2 i screamed the doctors down and people must of thought i was having a baby, so i was referred to the hospital. i went the hospital for my 3rd smear test and it was so painful i was in tears. so i have been refrred to a specialist this morning to go and see but i am so frightened as i was told i may have to have surgery but i may not have to either. i really want this over with so i can make sure everything is ok and working how it should be. the nurse who managed to feel what she could said my cervix was tiny and i wasent sure what she meant by that.


any comments or advice would be great will keep yous posted with my results after this morning unless i go for surgery


many thanks


Hi Steph,

I've only just seen your message and wondered how you got on with your appointment? I'm so sorry that having a smear has been so painful. Has anyone offered you a small speculum? They come in different sizes and the smallest isn't much than a tampon. I feel for you as I find my body just seizes up no matter how I try to relax, so I do understand how difficult this can be. Hope you're ok.

Take care x