Help me read my results

Hello Everyone,

I am new here and recently had an abnormal pap smear and then a colposcopy.  Can you help me read the results from the colposcopy.  I am confused on some parts.  The results read:  TRANSFORMATION ZONE MUCOSA WITH CIN 1/MILD DYSPLASIA, KOILOCYTIC ATYPIA, CONSISTENT WITH HPV RELATED CHANGES, SUPPORTED BY A NEGATIVE P16 IMMUNOSTAIN AND KI-67 IMMUNOSTAIN SHOW FEW POSITIVE NUCLEI SUPRABASALLY.

1. What does negative P16 mean?  

2. Do I have HPV?

3. What does KI-67 immunostain show few positive nuclei suprabasally mean?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Becky.  I’m not a medical professional, but believe these are tests to help identify the HPV infection status.

you should have received some contact details to the clinic where you had the procedure.  They will be able to talk you through the results.

remember that 4 in 5 adults have had HPV and most fight it off without realising they have it.


good luck with your follow up.