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Hi Iv had hpv last two years - had previous cin 1 and 3 had treatment many years ago , not long had my smear it’s came back negative but hpv present and transformation cells detected what does this mean - I have a coloscopy booked for 26 th May can any one give advice - worried and what’s the treatment if anyone has similar story t - only signs I have is pain on inter course and lower abdominal pains constant hightens near period - thanks all new here x

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Hi @Mummy84

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The terminology they use is awful and can be so confusing sometimes lol transformation cells detected is just in reference to the normal cells on the transformation zone of the cervix from where the sample was taken it’s just confirming those cells were present on the sample but they are not abnormal which is why the smear is negative x you will be sent for a colposcopy since you’ve now had 3 HPV positive tests in a row this is just as a precaution so they can have a closer look but for now there isn’t anything to suggest any abnormalities have been found xx

Thank you that’s eased my mind my gp didn’t explain just said wait till you go to hospital - they will discuss . X

Hi yes that’s lovely thank you for your response Iv been high risk a while I’m so confused as my hospital letter states abnormal cells detected and further investigation needed and possible treatment so can’t wait for 26 th May to see what is what - how smear can say one thing then a letter another ? X

I was told in my last letter they only screen for other things like Dyskarosis after the last test is hpv positive again.