Help!!! I'm panicking.

Hey guys, here I am again!

So background here is a couple of episodes of thrush and one bacterial infection in the nether regions. Had abx which appear to have worked for bacterial infection but thrush is back… Anyway sent home from gp this morning to take a swab it does say it’s a “low” vaginal microbiology test. Which I know is not asmear however she did put on additional notes of previous cc. I’ll hand the swab sample in tomorrow but in bit of a state as to what they will look for? Is this purely to determine infection or thrush? Or could this show an abnormality of scary kind.

Thank you
Charlene xx

Hi. It will look for just infection, and if you do have an infection they will be able to see which antibiotic is the right one! Don't panic, all will be fine and it is routine for anyone who has a suspected infection! ;-) xxx