Advice please?? :-)

Hi I’m wondering if anyone could help me or has had a similar problem as I’m quite worried. I may not be posting in the right forum and I am really sorry if I’m not and please delete. All my signs seem to keep coming up with cervical cancer so I would just like to ask some advice and tell you what I’m experiencing. For quite a while now months even I have been feeling just not right down below but never any symptoms or anything. I went to go for my smear and she couldn’t take it as there was a lot of discharge up there she sent away a smear and it came back I had severe internal thrush. I then bought a pesary and done it on the 11th April, I went on holiday on the 13th April and then had my normal period on the 14th April everything was ok but still didn’t feel quite right. I then had my period again the same time the following month. I still needed to go and have my smear so I had another pesary to make sure that I wouldn’t have the same situation again as it seemed I still had some thrush I took this after my period had stopped. A few days later I started to have very pink discharge which had blood veins in it. There was a lot. It wasn’t blood but it did have veins of blood in it… This carried on for a week and I started to get concerned I went to the doctors where he did a urine test and said yes there is blood in your urine. He then done an examination and said that inside seemed quite inflamed and there was this pink discharge with veins in it and there was so much of it even the doctor seemed taken back. He never done any swabs which I did find strange but gave me some tablets to take for a week and another pesary as he said I do still have some thrush there. I took the tablets and the pesary and yet nothing changed. 6 days ago the such argue changed to a very dark brown almost black and has now been constant. I feel drained and tired all the time and it has now started to smell. Worried I called 111 and they insisted to get to the doctors straight away and have swabs. This was done yesterday but since then nothing has changed other than I feel even more tired, weak and just not normal in myself. I can feel my heart beating so hard and my whole body feels like a big pulse. I can feel like my head nodding with my pulse it’s all rather bizarre. I have been on the loo a lot for number 2 last night and today. I don’t feel sick in any way. But I do have some pelvic pain worse than before but I’m not sure if that’s just because when she done the swabs yesterday that my cervix isn’t in a normal place and she had to really dig around to get it. I have as you do been googling things and it doesn’t seem very good and I don’t know if I’m just getting myself very worried when Infact I don’t need to. Has anyone else experienced anything like this and know what it is. It’s really getting me down the not knowing and thinking it’s something very serious. Any help would be greatly appreciated … I’m so sorry for the long essay but just wanted to give as much info as I can. Thankyou for taking the time to read this

Hi there G:

What a worrying time for you. No wonder you are feeling panicky and your stomach is upset - you are worried and anxious. 

Yes, there's a tiny tiny chance that something is seriously wrong, but there's a much much bigger chance that it's nothing. There are tons of reasons for discharge, pelvic pain etc etc the vast majority of which are due to infections or other such stuff, so try not to worry. Avoid Google. I do it myself and it's always scary. Google can list 30 reasons why something is happening and all I focus on is the one at the very end of the list which is serious. Google and I diagnosed myself with pancreatic cancer which turned out to be gas! Do not do it! Jump on here and we'll all try and help with info.

Your smear will be back soon and you'll know exactly what's going on. No doubt it will be nothing sinister, you'll get a bucket load of antibiotics and you'll be on your way. Jump back on here and let us know and in the meantime, try not to worry.

Take care.