New and terrified!!

Hi all. Just looking for some honest advice and expectations really. I'm 32 and just had a smear returned with high grade abnormalities. The nurse also discovered a growth on my cervix. 

I am going for a colposcopy on Wednesday and have read up on what to expect but I just wanted some advice regarding the following; after the birth of my son in 2010 I've had nothing but trouble down there with excessive discharge and random bouts of thrush. Back when this was being investigated the doctor mentioned this growth on my cervix but no further investigations were ever carried out. 

I still suffer with excessive discharge which does not smell or look unusual but there is just sooo much of it. I also have intermittent hip and lower back ache, similar to period pain. 

is any of this more reason to be concerned?

Thank you all in advance and hugs to anyone going through this ️xxx

Hi Tracy, 

i had my colposcopy at the beginning of this week and though uncomfortable it certainly wasn't painful and all in all not half as bad as I thought ! I had a biopsy and the consultant advised that I have got abnormalities but he doesn't think it is cancerous.  The doctor and nurse were both lovely through out the process and that helped a lot  

I've had the feeling of something not right down there for some time and intermittent sharp back pain.   Although this could well be unrelated and I am adding 2 and 2 and getting 5.

i can't give you any answers I am afraid as I am still going through my own investigations but there are more of us out there with the same concerns and fears.  I hope everything goes well for you. I know it's impossible but don't try and second guess it, trust the experts and tell them all your concerns. 

Best of luck!