dunno what to think???im scared

Im 47 yrs no children have had the same partner for 15 yrs.

Been on DEPO provera for yrs and yrs.

had thrush couple of months back..pill and cream seemed to work but still have the itch.

Had to go to the DR on wed and get checked out as i have noticed discloured discharge/ brown and again last week had a stomach ache as if i was going to have a period..(no smell)

She could not give me a smear as there was blood present but did take swabs and will get the results on thurs.

After the dr checked me out i did bleed a little and the period pain was there.

The bleeding has stopped and there is no smell but its itchy and when i urinate it stings...

ive been checking out the google pages and looking at all the cervical and infection stuff that on it and thats when i found JO's 

I know i will have to wait till thurs but ...dunno im very anxious and scared could it be an infection...my last smear was 5 yrs ago and it was clear!!!! I know i should have been back before that ..Please help ta haze


anybody had symptoms like mine..please answerx


For a start it certainly sounds like you've got a urine infection or that you still have thrush - easy to sort out with anti-bioticss - everyone gets these things once in a while. 

The discharge is most likely to be due to something called Bacterial Vaginosis - a common infection which is caused by the balance of bacteria in the vagina becoming disrupted. Again, this can be treated with anti-biotics. 

It's not unusual to get period type pains after an internal. 

I know it's hard not to worry and when you have to wait for results your mind can start working overtime, but the overwhelming likelihood is that these symptoms are due to very easily treatable infection/s. 

Annabel. x

Mmm Im not quite sure why she wouldn't give you a smear just because blood was present, i bled almost daily for over a year and I had around 3 -4 smears during that time. If you feel like you should have had a smear then you've got to be persistent!! You know your own body and know what's normal and what isn't. Best of luck for Thursday! :) x