Help can't take much more

Hi not sure if this the right place to post. I just don’t know if I can take much more. I had abnormal results with cin3 and possible microinvasion. I’ve had MRI and PET scan and next week Lletz under general anesthesia. The last 12months I’ve had nothing but heartbreak. I lost my my mum my mum in law. And now this. I’m going through perimenopause too. How do you cope? I’m literally an emotional mess. I’ve never had a ga. I suffer from IBS and mornings are always the worst. My procedure is 7am and I’m just worried about my IBS being bad as I’m so stressed. I’ve seen people who have had lletz and the results have been worse so now I’m worried I have cancer and this will be it for me. I have a super physical job and I’m self employed. Noone has told me about not working after lletz. I know now from reading posts on here I’m gonna need to take time off but no idea how I’m going to cope financially too. Any advice I would be eternally greatful


Hi , I was told I needed a lletz as I had CIN3 and hpv . I didn’t google anything , I didn’t even know this site existed…I just went along with it . I had the procedure with local anaesthetic and went really well . Over and done with in 10 mins and had no pain or even discomfort. I found this site due to me bleeding quite heavily a few days later as I didn’t know what was normal . It lasted a few days , and It’s been 2 weeks now and apart from the usual discharge . Hand on heart even with the heavy bleeding I could go on about my usual activities . You have nothing to worry about .
My advice is go in blind ! Don’t google anything and don’t over think things .
I’m now waiting on my results and again I’m not over thinking it as most people end up fine , EVEN if you had the worst case scenario it’s more than likely get removed during the lletz .
Please don’t worry .


Hi Pookey,

I just wanted to stop by and say I hear you. My mom passed away in 2021 from cancer and it was only a little more than a year later that I got my own diagnosis. Sometimes the shit is not fair in life! It’s a terrible feeling as well because you just think there is no way you were paying much attention to your own body/symptoms while you were grieving. Terrible timing. Just commiserating but I’m so glad you are being proactive and getting it all taken care of!

Best of luck xx


Thankyou for your message. It’s so tough isn’t it. I’m physically and mentally exhausted by it all. I hope your journey is going as good as it can be. It just all the unknown isn’t it. Just so much to take on like you said when your grieving. I wish you well and sending positive thoughts to you.


Hey. You’ve been through so much. Sometimes it just feels like such a shower of shit doesn’t it? My life sometimes feels like an extreme hurdle track with no respite! I had a LLETZ recently for cin 2 and was absolutely fine afterwards. I know it’s easier said than done but just take it a step at a time or you’ll overwhelm yourself with a million what ifs that may never happen. The key is that you’re on top of this situation now, and you’re dealing with it. Cut yourself lots of slack and take care of yourself xx


Really sorry your having a hard time, you can ask for a spinal if your worried about ga. I didnt want a ga, since hitting the menopause i have started tonget anxious ver everything and wamted to be awake, i had a lovely anaesthetist who agreed i could have a spinal. It does mean recovering is longer as younhabe to wait for its to wear off, so evsryone else was going home whilt inwas there till about 5pm, went for procedure about half 9

Thanks Dotty. I am nervous about gacbut I’ll happily do it so I’m not aware of procedure. It’s the waiting for results I’m freaking out about. Hopefully lletz will work on Friday. How was your recovery?

Hi luvly,
I had the procedure done for cin 3 almost 4 weeks ago now, and i can totally relate with the worry, the unknown, the waiting, our minds are our worst enemies sometimes, please try not to worry the people who did the procedure were amazing, they reassured me loads and although im still waiting on the results which i am still worried over, im feeling fine, i had to have antibiotics cos i got a bit of an infection after, but that has totally cleared up, i was fine afterwards, no real pain, i just rested for a couple of days, i think more from the mental tiredness worrying than anything else. Its ok to be scared i was too, and my Mum passed away too a few years ago so i feel it too not having her reassurance and love. Im sending you lots of hugs and strength, youve got this xxx

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Emmak. Thankyou for your message. I’ve definitely been overthinking it all. I’m starting to get a little nervous now. I hope you are well now. Sorry to hear you needed antibiotics.

Thankyou, i bet you are nervous, its the unknown, but i know you will be well looked after, talk to them about your feelings and get it out before you get it done, i didn’t have a GA and i was worried about how it was gonna feel but i have to say i felt nothing, and they kept saying if i needed a sec they could stop. I hope it all goes ok xxx

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Hi, sorry for the delayed response, howndod your Lletz go and di you get the results.

Hi Dotty
I had the lletz and all went well. Bled alot as they had to take quite a bit of the cervix away. Due to the microinvasive cancer I unfortunately had to have a RH pelvic clearance 3 weeks ago. They are doing a biopsy on the ovaries so awaiting results of that. The surgery was via laparoscopy so had 5 small incisions. It’s exhausting and a long recovery ahead of me. I’m just praying for good results. How are you doing?

Sorry to hear it wasn’t the best news for you and that you’ve had to have further ops. I hope they get it all sorted and that you recover well xxxx

Hi, im praying with and for you aswell. Im ok just impatiemtly waiting gor latest smear results after they decide nothing left to test gia Lletz or biopsy, depending on these depends one what they do such as hysterectomy, further tests etc. I’m just grateful I’m in better a position than some. hope things are lookinh better for you xxxx