LLETZ today and feeling emotional

Hi Ladies, I do hope you are all doing ok. 1st time poster but this forum has been a great help. Today I had LLETZ to remove CIN1, it is not done usually for this grade but due to previous HPV not clearing and my age it was the way forward. Even though this procedure is put across as fairly simple, it is definitely not. It was somewhat painless, but the mental effect is truly awful. I feel traumatised and weepy, even though I would say I am a fairly strong (emotionally) woman. My consultant and the nurses with me were amazing, but having been left with a ‘hole’ in my cervix, I feel as if I’ve been mutilated. Advised not to have bath or swimming for 6 weeks. Wouldn’t have been so bad but I was lucky enough to book a beach holiday for me and my girls (single parent). I’ve now changed the date as if I can’t go in the water they won’t be able to go in either. I feel guilty for feeling the way I do….as if I should be happy it’s done. So why the feelings of being weepy? I’ve gone through weeks of biopsies and waiting for results as you all have, but this is the worst I’ve felt mentally. Not sure what I want anyone to say to be honest, it’s just nice to say this out loud, so to speak xx

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Hi hun, I didn’t want to read and run but i know im not the person to say “everything will be fine” as im having the same struggles as you tbh.
This procedure is so underplayed like it’s normal to take a part of us away and we should carry on like oh well never mind?!
It’s horrible isn’t it! And we’re just left with no real explanations? Personally, I keep asking myself was this really necessary??

Sorry im being totally unhelpful! I just wanted to say I know how you’re feeling and im sure many of us do. It’s such a personal procedure and no real support is given or even offered for that matter. Anyway apologies Im not very helpful, I really hope you’re feeling better soon. X

Hi Amanda
It certainly is an emotional roller coaster, big hugs and all I can say is gain some strength by supporting another, then plan with your girls and make the most of a rubbish start to your year- wishing you a healthy new beginning x

Thank you for replying ladies. After a good nights sleep I am feeling a little better emotionally. It is so underplayed, having LLETZ. Having read up on the whole procedure I was certain it would all be fine and that I was prepared. How wrong I was! A simple procedure it may be, for the professionals……but for us women it is very intrusive and personal. There needs to be more support for all women going through this, but this forum is a godsend. I am lucky I have been able to take this week off work to ‘recover’, I also had a good few weeks off at the beginning of this journey as mentally I found it extremely hard to take in. Other women do not have such supportive employers.
I wish you well on this awful journey and hugs to you all. We will get through this! Results in 3 weeks so that time again when my anxiety rises at the thought of the postman. Good luck lovelies :kissing_heart:xx


Glad your feeling a little better :relaxed:

I had my colposcopy/Lletz due to CIN 3 two weeks ago, I’ve been so up & down, still not really understanding the whole HPV thing…

So sick with worry from waiting, yesterday I decided to call up the colposcopy suite for an idea on waiting time for results, thankfully a nurse was able to look my results up on screen, confirmed CIN 3 removed, I have to go back for a smear in 6 months…

The nurse said in the meantime to stay happy/anxiety free to help my immune system try to fight the HPV as anxiety is just as dangerous as smoking/drinking when it comes to our immune systems !? I mean if I could stay happy I really would, although I’m sure the 6 month wait until next smear is likely to cause some anxiety.

Of course I’m now doing LOTS of research into immune fighting vitamins, AHCC supplements (supposedly great for treating HPV) to try & get rid of this damn high strain

Keeping fingers crossed for you to get some positive results soon :crossed_fingers:t3:x

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That is really good news, but I know what you mean about the 6 month wait​:grimacing:. It was mentioned that hopefully that will be my result also, and I knew straight away that the 6 month wait wasn’t going to be easy. I will also read up on healthy eating etc although it’s not too bad anyway. Coffee is my downfall, so that will be getting cut down. Wishing you all the best and try to relax for these next few months, even though I know it will be very hard :kissing_heart:xxx

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Thank you :two_hearts:

please let us know how you get on :two_hearts:x

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I had my lletz done on Friday just gone and I can’t help but feel emotional. It all happened so quickly within days I just don’t think I’ve really processed what’s happened. I understand how you’re feeling and I don’t think it’s spoken about enough. The procedure was quick and smooth after I had it done I cried all the way home as I was in shock at what had just happened. I’m so glad I don’t feel alone in this x

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You are definitely not alone. 7 weeks post LLETZ and I am still spotting, also had an infection. Received results back and now on a test of cure🤞. You really just need to relax, listen to your body, and stay positive. I am so much better now mentally than what I was during the lead up to the LLETZ. Hope your doing ok xxx

Hi - these posts are so helpful. I’m trying to find out more about recovery. I have my CIN 3 removal in a couple of weeks and am feeling pretty nervous. I’m thinking of postponing as it’s still the summer holidays and I’m single mum to 2 children. When I first got my colposcopy results I thought it seemed quite straight forwards, they just scrape a few cells off and it’s all done and I can carry on as normal but after reading real experiences I think I might wait till
the children are back at school and take a few days off work to recover. I’m looking at AHCC too, has anyone taken this and found it beneficial?

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I have heard of AHCC as well and I have just bought some! I haven’t tried it yet, though. I wonder if anyone has tried it and has been successful on this forum. I have LG changes

Hi both, hope you are keeping positive. That is the key to staying well mentally. As far as recovery goes, it is different for everyone. I was advised not to have bath, swimming etc for at least 6 weeks. I had a holiday arranged in this time and was advised to postpone (single parent, just myself and little ones), I wouldn’t be able to take them in a swimming pool or on the beach. Physically the recovery was ok, even with the infection. The mental recovery was a lot more to deal with. Just listen to your body, relax, and if you do the bare minimum with cleaning and household chores, so be it! Your health and recovery is so much more needed. As far as the actual procedure, mine was fine. No pain, absolutely wonderful nurses and consultant, all done within 20 mins. Tiny bit uncomfortable, but that’s it. What is AHCC if you don’t mind me asking? Xxx