Help! Am I worrying too much?

I had a letter on Saturday saying I have borderline changes and HPV. I have been referred for a colposcopy but don’t know details of where this will be. Also what is unhelpful is to receive a letter like that and not to have any information on a) how my appointment will be offered or b) when to expect this appointment to be made. I hate waiting and feel like I am being left to mull it over too much without any certainty on what on earth is going on about this referral. Do they have to be in touch within a certain time? When do I start chasing with my gp? Or should I just chill out and wait?! Hate it.

Hi I'm in the exact same position as you. Borderline changes and positive for HPV and been refered for colposcopy. 

So I have no advice to offer. But hope all goes well for you & you get your appointment through soon! X

Sucks doesn't it? Hope yours goes ok too. I am still waiting and called my gp today, receptionist had no clue! Apparently my letter to my gp was probably still sitting in their pigeon hole, not very reassuring that nobody can tell me where I have been referred to or how long to wait to hear anything from that clinic. 


Thanks :-) 

The referral will be to the local womens health department, usually at your local hospital or one within the same NHS trust as your GP.

Throughout the whole process I have not had contact with my GP. 

Mine took a week or so post smear for the referral with an appointment date on it.

That was over a month from my original smear to my colposcapy appointment.

If they take a biopsy it is over 4 weeks wait for those results to come in.


I hope this helps with the timeframe of it all.