Borderline changes and HPV positive result

Hello guys. My name is Estelle and I’m 28. I was just looking for a little support and information about my upcoming colposcopy on Wednesday. I received my smear test results letter on 6th December saying I had HPV and borderline changes which has really scared me. They said they would send me a letter with my colposcopy appointment and I received that a couple of days ago for Wednesday 14th December, now the speed of that has scared me the most in all this, is it normally this quick?! Would they of told me on a letter if they believed it was something really serious?! Sorry for going on but I can’t stop thinking about it

Thank you for reading xx

Hi Estelle I hope you are ok I am a bit further on in this agonising drawn out process so know how you are feeling. On the positive side they are dealing with it quickly which means you will hear back sooner I wouldn't necessarily look at your colposcopy being so soon as something bad. I think the time it takes between different NHS trusts in the UK differs as in some will be quicker than others.  My timeline which you can see below was pretty much smear on 10th October results 21st October  exactly the same as you (high risk HPV apparently for me. Great!) and my letter for the colposcopy arrived about 3 days later for the colpospcopy  on the 10th November.  I am still waiting the results now but apparently they are in the post... that will

make it just under a 5 week wait from colposcopy.  It is very nerve wracking but please don't Google, this forum is lovely and very helpful and informative.  You will be nervous and scared I know I was but try not to worse case scenario it.  The colposcopy itself was fine I was very nervous but they were lovely and put me at ease.  They may be able to indicate to you at the colposcopy whatnthey think they see I had one biopsy and the rise said what she thought (but I am superstitious so not saying until  get that flipping letter).

Its a rubbish time of year to have this worry on your plate but please try not to obssess you are in the system and it is being dealt with! Sorry to go on.

Hi Bertie.

Thank you so much for replying to quickly. Oh no so yours in high risk? My letter didn't tell me if high risk or low risk although from looking on here 'borderline change' means low risk I think? 

So what is the colposcopy like? Do they always take a biopsy? I have a male dr doing mine, which I know it shouldn't matter but I feel abit worried about that.  Do they tell you on the day if they see anything sinister? 

I know, Christmas is my favourite time of year, I just want this out the way with so I can really look forward to it. I have all my fingers and toes crossed for you that everything will be fine :) and you can have a worry free Christmas xx

Hi Estelle!

Sorry you are having a crappy time. It's such a shock and worry when you get abnormal results. I really wouldn't worry about how quick ou were referred. I had a phone call from the hospital and booked in the next day before I had even had my smear results in the post! I had severe changes but my results came back 6 months ago as just CIN so please try not to worry. (I didn't have time, I was lucky!) Even thus time after my 5 month check came back negative I still got a phone call offering an appointment a few days later.


Hi gingerspider! 

Thanks for your reply. I have really found so much information from this website its fantastic! 

I will try my best not to worry but it's like telling someone not to breath lol i am just a worrier I am driving my family crazy! 


Thank you again :) xx

Hi Estelle yes it threw me a bit too I was like high risk?  My practice nurse rang to tell me the results and said high risk HPV and then at colposcopy asked the nurse doing it beforehand.  My understanding of it is that there are loads of strains of HPV  and there are a few which are more high risk than others, I think the automatically do a colposcopy if you have HPV as there is a strong link between it and cervical cancer.  So it's very positive they are checking (if you get me ideally you want a normal smear) however I am not a medical professional so probably best to check on the day.

The colposcopy itself wasn't too bad I didn't think it's not something I would look forward to but the staff were brilliant and talked me through it.  If you feel

nervous let them know I did get period like cramps and dicharge afterwards but felt fine and even relieved it was done with for now.  They can give an indication but like anything they do warn that the cold hard facts of scientific lab analysis is what you should wait for.  They can indicate what they may think but they might be wrong so I sort of thought wait for the results. 

Try and I know obviously easier said than done to put it at the back of your mind over Christmas.  This forum has been great and the ladies on it are very helpful let me know how you get on in the day,you will be fine. Xx

Well hearing from you guys on here I do feel abit silly and pathetic for worrying when there are so many more people going through so much more than me, but I am such a worrier! Oh yes I will let you know my app is at 3 tomorrow so I'll come back on and tell you. You will have to let me know what your results are xx

I have been and it was not the most fun I've had on a Wednesday afternoon, but they said they don't believe it to be anything more than low grade but they have taken 2 biopises and I will get the consultation over the phone on 29th December, so fingers crossed they come back all clear and if they do then I will be back to every 3 years. I am so relieved! 

hope you find out soon and we can both have a happy Christmas to look forward to :) xx

Hi Estelle that's good it is out of the way and even better you know when you will find out :) Glad it wasn't too traumatic like you say there are better ways to spend an afternoon but it out of the way now!  Sounds like you will receive good news end of the month which is brilliant.  Got my fingers and toes crossed!  Have a lovely Christmas let me know how  get on hoping this  letter arrives tomorrow!! Xxx

Yea I'm glad they gave me a date, i just hope it's good news and I can move on from it all. Still getting cramps and stuff and was a little scared to go for a pee haha but it didnt hurt like i thought it would! 

Merry christmas to you and all your family, but let me know when you get your results which I'm sure will be any day now! Thank you so much for being there and giving me this support it's means so much :) xx