Just received letter and I am so frightened please help

I had my first smear test at 26 years old a couple of weeks ago. I received results today and it says I have 'borderline changes' and 'evidence of HPV' I have been invited for a Colposcopy and I have no idea what to expect, what these results mean. I broke down in tears and as we all do.. fear the worst. Thanks in advance

Hi nataliejean - I too had borderline changes and a colposcopy last year. Its just a closer look to see if they can learn more. They took a tiny sample (biopsy) and it came back as mild changes, so in my case they left them alone for a year because they usually clear up on their own. I was not checked at the time for HPV. 

When I went for another test this year, they saw that it had not cleared up so I must go for treatment next week. This might happen to you and it might have cleared up itself within a year, which it often does if you have a healthy immune system and don't smoke, or they might decide to go ahead and do a treatment there and then at your colposcopy, depending on what they see. 

The colposcopy is very like the smear. I was really worried going in both times, but came out feeling fine both times too, and wondering why I had been so nervous. I know its nerve-wracking waiting for it. You must also wait a few weeks for results after the colposcopy too. Do you have a date for the appointment yet?

Thank you for your advice, the waiting game is the worse! I have been booked in for the 11th December. It mentions 'high risk hpv' on the letter also. It is very worrying.  


Hi, I just thought I would share my experience. I had high grade/severe changes and also broke down in tears and immediately thought the worst. I knew I couldn't wait 2 weeks for my colposcopy so rang the next day to see if there were any cancellations and luckily there was one for the next day. I would suggest ringing the hospital just to see if you could get in earlier if you think that would help. With borderline changes, basically the abnormalities could change back to normal on their own without treatment and this is what the consultant will want to investigate further. At my colposcopy the consultant said he didn't think it looked like cancer but said the whole of my cervix was covered in precancerous cells and received lletz to remove them. My biopsy showed CIN3 and high risk HPV and I just have to go back in 6 months for a check up. The important thing to remember is this is the reason we go for smears.... To stop anything developing into cancer and also catch anything nasty early enough whilst it is easily treatable. So I know it's easier said than done but try not to worry. This group is amazing and full of support. Try and stay positive x

Hi hon, don't worry about the 'high risk HPV' wording, that is differentiating between the type of hpv that might give you genital warts and the type that might lead to precancerous changes.

Molly d

Hey Natalie, I'm in the same boat. First smear (I'm 25) and same results as you. I had a freak out. I've spoken with my friend who is a doctor and read alot which brings comfort but when I'm alone and thinking about it I tend to get anxious and teary. It doesn't help getting worked up but it's hard not to. 

I'm going to my GP tomorrow to book in at the hospital as I am an expat from Australia and not sure how to do it. 

I think the anticipation will be worse than the outcome for both of us.