Hello *WAVES* help from PCs

I have just had my colposcopy after recieving the dreaded high/servere dyskaryosis letter on 19th May. My Colposcopy was on 24th so very fast! I must say that the doctor and nurses at the hospital were amazing, and actually the colposcopy wasnt too bad at all! Now its the waiting that I dread, I am terrified that the letter will be bad. The dr was fairly confident it was CIN 1 and an area of 2, but went ahead with the lletz just in case, which I was very grateful for, however online reading is enough to give you nightmares!

Are there any Police officers on the forum that have been through this? As I said I had the lletz on Friday and have had the time off since. Did you have more time off? Return to work as normal or go light duties? I have had minimum discharge (sorry not classy!) and kinda heavy period pains, which have settled today. Thoughts?

Thanks, this really is an amazing site, which I have been lurking and reading up on since my initial letter, I guarentee it has kept me sane!!



sorry I am not a police lady but thought I would try and help. I had my colposcopy and lletz on a Wednesday and remained at home for the rest of the week and relaxed at the weekend. I turned to work on Monday although I only have an office job. i can't remember but I think they say not too over do  with exercise for the first couple of weeks? (Did you get a leaflet on this?)

i had cramps for a few days on and off and bleeding but lights for first couple of weeks. It tends to look like it is getting better but then when the scab comes off the bleeding can start again so don't worry. Some people don't have any bleeding for the first week and only when the scan is healing.

If I can help with anything else please let me know.



ept 16 - standard smear - results back stating serve high grade changes

Oct 16 - colposcopy - results high grade CGIN and CIN 1/2 all cells removed and on 6 month follow up booked

Apr 17 - 6 month follow up smear and hpv test


May 17 - results of border line changes on outer cervix - second colposcopy booked for 13th June 


Thanks for coming back to me, I seem to be very simular at the mo, minimum discharge, but awaiting the scab falling away (lovely!) Had cramps for first couple of days which seems to have died down to occasional heavy twinges...

Got a leaftet and the doctor I had was AMAZING she went though everything and explained to do as much as my body felt comfortable with! Thanks again for coming back to me, its lovely to find such a supportive forum at a time when everything is so confusing and worrying

FF xx