colposcopy im confused

Hi again :)

So I had my colposcopy yesterday, really not as bad as I thought :),

in fact I watched the whole thing on the screen :)

I'm a little confused though, as a lot of you lovely ladies are talking about cin??

Not once have I actually been told about the level of anything, and I've gone from smear, straight to lletz.

The doctor that did it was not very forthcoming and told me I will get the results in 2 weeks.

Is this quick? I didn't know what to ask him, and I'm now regretting not speaking more to him.

Feeling rather scared and very very down xxx

Hi Pinky

So glad it wasn't as bad as you thought. Well done for being brave! :)

You were told you had "high grade" abnormalities,  weren't you?  I think that may be  CIN3 but I'm sure the lovely ladies on here will correct me if I'm wrong, won't you?

I think two weeks is pretty quick, so that's good. The waiting is the worst.  It's a horrible thing to be waiting and lots of us have been there, Pinky.  I also think a lot of us come away from appointments wishing we'd asked more questions! (I now take a list along with me. ;))

Sending you hugs and thinking of you!

Kirsty xx

But the way,  I went straight from smear to LLETZ too.

thankyou so much Kirsty, this wonderful website really is such a godsend.

I thankfully have a wonderful caring partner, but he just doesn't understand! Although I know he really does try :)

how long did your results take to come back, its so worrying that the nurses said that I had been rushed through.

I see you're booked in on the 12th, ill be thinking of you xxx

I think the level of CIN can only be diagnosed from the LLETZ, a smear only shows high, borderline or mild changes, I might be wrong so anyone can feel free to correct me.

My personal experience was that I had high grade changes with HPV.  After LLETZ I was diagnosed as CIN3 but it was all removed, I also have high risk HPV, which I only saw on my paperwork at the colp appointment.

I went for treatment at my appointment rather than leave it, I just wanted it gone.  My results took about 5 1/2 weeks to come through, it was the worst bit waiting, checking the post every day, but I found this forum really helped.  My partner is very understanding but when I didn't want to burden him, or keep him up before work the next day, I came here and it really helped as there are so many people who've been through it, and all the symptoms are covered somewhere.

I was fine to go back to work the next day, I think it helped me actually being distracted, but I think I was lucky as I didn't really get any cramps or feel ill at all, until the infection after a week, and that didn't really make me feel that ill.  I did get quite emotional though, I think my hormones were possibly, understandably, going a bit mental.

If you're worried, or just want information, just come on here and there will always be someone who you can talk to.

Thanks, Pinky!

My "results" came in the form of an MRI bookings clerk phoning me to come in for a scan and that was after 3 weeks. (She couldn't tell me my results or why I needed it and it took me more than 24 hours to get through to someone who could confirm that I did have cc.) Try not to read anything into the two weeks thing. It's very tempting to gather clues and assemble them into a worse case scenario. Distract yourself if you start thinking too much and stay away from Google. Feel free to pm me if you think you're going crazy and I'll try to calm you down! ;)

Kirsty xx

Hey ladies!

i was referrers for a colposcopy after a routine sexual health check!! The biopsy from that confirmed CIN3 and I was in the following week for my LLETZ treatment. I'm a week post treatment now. I was told 2-3 weeks for results. But I'm getting all the bleeding and pain etc now a week later which is annoying :( I know everyone is different but it's knocking my confidence a bit especially when I'm asleep next to my boyfriend! But anyway I think it's great we can all chat to each other and just help where we can :) x