Hello all,

I thought I’d post on here having read some posts. Sorry to any of you ladies having problems with Smear tests. I have just been earlier this month again to try but, once again very stressful & unsuccessful. I have only ever had one with success a specialist nurse did that one, I thought she was joking when she said all done, could have hugged her! Tilted cervix/hiding apparently. Only a few more years now & they’ll knock me off list. I’m booked for another try this next month, was given pessiries to do though cream was mentioned. After being in there trying to do that well one only done, awful especially when the test causes such stress & waiting again. I may decide to just give up. I had attempts with tablets to calm aswell beforehand, my pain threshold is pretty high so it’s down to first experience many moons ago. The Nurse was terrible & after repeatedly pushing Speculum asked are you sexually active,i replied no & she stopped rather red faced! My wonderful Mum rang the surgery & complained! Unfortunately even if you go in there syked up ready, brain hasn’t forgotten & body fights back :neutral_face::slightly_frowning_face: