Smear test fail

Hi there, 

I am new to hear but I felt this was the best place to post about this. 

This morning I went for my smear test and the nurse had great difficulty so much so that she actually couldn't get it done. She reckons that my cervix is tilted and I may require my gp or a referral to to do it. I had a smear test done 3 years ago which was a bit uncomfortable but she actually got a sample (different nurse).

I am really worried about this as it is quite embarrassing. Nurse said I was tense but I tried to relax as much as possible. I suffer from general anxiety so that doesn't help.

Anyone else had a similar situation?

Thank you 

I’m sorry to hear this happened. I’m in the same situation. Had 2 successful screenings in previous years, but a complete fail with the latest one. First the nurse couldn’t do it (after numerous attempts), then the doctor was also unable to do it. It made me feel embarrassed and upset. I’ve now been referred to hospital and am going absolutely dreading it. I really hope the screening is able to be done successfully...if not, I officially give up!!