Failed smear :/

Just wanted some help really. Went for my first smear test today at doc, nurse made me feel comfortable. But she couldn't do it said I was to tense I tried to relax as much as I could I used the breathing technique she said about but still no good. I had to rebook for Thursday this week. I came out and cried, think it was a mixture of feelings the whole dropping your trousers thing, feeling like I'd failed and how do I relax more? Any tips would be very helpful and appreciated. Just feeling a little down if I'm honest.

Hi, I don't really have any advice but just to let you know that you're not the only one! I was the same but I had taken lots of Diazepam as well. Just go back on Thursday and try again and just hope for the best :) Try not to worry and just turn up!!! You haven't failed, it just happens I guess...well to me anyway.

Hi Missy,


I've had similar experiences in tensing up during the test. I don't have any wonderful words of wisdon except deep breathing and imaging myself on a desert island somewhere with Jonny Depp!! You can do it, and try not to put pressure on yourself (tears are ok you know) I hope it goes/went ok.


Laura x

Hi Missy,

Just wanted to send you a quick message (not to gloat) that I had a hospital appointment with the gynaecologist and she managed it! So it just goes to show that it can be done and she did an internal as well (that hurt like hell). I am the last person I ever thought would be able to manage it but I did so keep trying!

Best of luck,