Heavy irregular bleeding & random spotting

Hello ladies, sorry for the long post I’m just hoping someone here can help me I’m going out of my mind

I have an appointment with the advanced nurse practitioner in the morning to talk about some issues I’ve had happening, just want to say sorry in advance for the TMI x

Backstory: I’m 30 years old, I’m not on any contraception… my 2020 smear came back HPV+ with borderline changes, my first smear 3 years before was normal so I wasnt checked for HPV (I’m not sure how long I’ve had it for but I know it was there then atleast as that was the last time I was sexually active) and that it can be dormant for a long time… I had a colposcopy with biopsies that came back CIN1 with a cervical erosion so they said it was safe to leave it and check me again in 12 months time… this one came back as HPV+ with a low grade change, again I had a colposcopy with biopsies but this time it came back CIN3 and that I needed a LLETZ treatment under GA, 1 treatment was apparently successful it confirmed the CIN3 but there wasnt any mention of clear margins so I assumed if anything was left they would have had me back in so I put it to the back of my mind and waited for the 6 month follow up, this was in march this year

Issues: I’ve currently been bleeding for 9 days straight, usually my periods are like clockwork every 28 days lasting 5 with a medium flow, in june this changed to 14-23 days lasting 3-9 with a light then heavy flow like someone turned a tap on (not enough to think I need to go to A&E but its getting close) accompanied by random spotting that can last between 1-5 days, I’ve also noticed an increased amount of watery discharge, the heavy days can be very painful but I have put that down to scar tissue from the treatment… I went to the Dr’s and all I got from them was too wait for the follow up in september see what that says… I had the follow up on 14th sep, it was a week after my period ended, I noticed when she did it there was a little blood on the speculum, I’ve had a little blood on passed smears but this time for 2 days I had spotting then bled heavy for 5 days… my results letter said I was HPV- and there was no need to check my cells, next recall september25, with a side note stating in rare cases screening has produced a false negative result and to be aware of the symptoms… this could also just be in my head but for 4 weeks I’ve had pains down my left leg going into my toes

I’m really struggling to trust that negative result, with how fast my cells changed from borderline to CIN3 along with the symptoms I’m having, I just cant shake the feeling that something is wrong and they have missed something…

I guess what I’m asking is, has anyone had a false negative HPV result? Could I be looking into it too much… I know its the best thing we have to prevent it but I just know something is wayy off

If you have got this far thank you so much for reading lol❤x

Update: day 10 of bleeding but it does seem to be slowing, I have seen the nurse this morning she couldnt do a pelvic exam with the bleeding but she is sending me for a transvaginal ultrasound marking it as urgent, I queried if the erosion was back and could be causing it she said it could be back but it wouldnt explain all my symptoms, she gave me a swab that I did myself to check for infections etc I should note I have had STD tests since becoming sexually inactive negative each time so that is ruled out, I’d told her I wasnt too trusting of the HPV- but she said they cant bring the smear forward I just need too try to trust it … AND the waiting game restarts lol x