Abnormal Bleeding and high grade cells

Has anyone else gotten a high grade cell result and experienced bleeding, and ended up fine? I get spotting every day and ocasional gushing with clots once in awhile. I don’t have an appointment for colposcopy for another 3 weeks and I’m really worked up thinking the worst. I am really scared.

hi @Maxpower

while i was being monitored for CIN1 i started having the most irregular and heavy bleeding, i started spotting between periods which is something i never experienced before since starting my periods… at the 12 months i had another HPV+ and abnormal smear, ultimately i had a biopsy which returned a CIS/CIN3 diagnosis… we attempted the LLETZ under local but it did need to be done under GA in the end, all together it took 9 weeks from diagnosis to having the treatment and the LLETZ returned precancerous changes only no cancer found xx

@Tinkerbelle29 that’s really good that you had nothing bad going on. I wonder why you were bleeding?

They just kept putting it down to an ectropion id been diagnosed with prior (heavy bleeding isnt a symptom of one so its not something i really accepted as a cause) funnily enough everything coincidently went back to normal after the LLETZ but a few month later they went haywire again and stoll having issues that they just cant seem to find a cause for… as my 6 month test of cure was HPV negative CC was ruled out and im back on 3 yearlies… back in on tuesday to see what the next steps can be… so its still TBC lol xx

@Tinkerbelle29 I hope they can figure out what is going on with you. Having symptoms and wondering why is no fun. Hopefully everything works out for you and they find nothing nefarious going on.