Heavy bleeding during second colposcopy

Hi everyone

I am new here so here is some background. I started bleeding in Sept. 2012 and this was everyday so went to GP and had a smear in Nov 12. I was told the bleeding was probably caused by the coil so had that removed on Christmas Eve (didn’t stop the bleeding). Also got told my smear results had come back as abnormal and was referred for a Colposcopy and ultrasound.

Had my Colp in Jan 13 and was told that it was probably CIN3 but it had spread the walls of the vagina. He said this would have to be removed under GA. In Feb 13 I had my op and told I would receive my results by letter and thought the bleeding would stop and that would be it. The letter never came and the bleeding didn’t stop!

I finally had my 6 month colp on Tuesday and explained that I hadn’t stopped bleeding and that on my periods it was so bad I passed out. As soon as I am in the chair the woman (not my consultant) said are you on your period eeerrrrr no I just told you I bleed all the time! Anyway she tried to do the exam but as soon as she touched the cervix it started bleeding and then she tried to swab inside the canal and boy did that hurt! My consultant comes in and some fast medical language is thrown about and she says I need to take a biopsy. There was me thinking a small punch thing. Nope a massive chunk 2cm long and nearly 2cm deep and then she cauterized it.

My consultant asked if my family was complete or if I was planning more children. His body language was totally different to last time where he put me fully at ease and now I am panicking that there is something they are not telling me. I am now waiting for the results in a daze and in the meantime am still bleeding.

Sorry that is so long. I guess what I am wondering is if anyone has had a similar situation? I have never been told if I have HPV either so that has worried me.
Thanks for reading. Good luck to all!

Hi hon, your definatly not alone.. you sound like your going through exactly what im going through.. i have the bleeding and the clear discharge, and i've been wearing sanitary towels for 14 months.. long story (don't want to bore you) bascially i had to have a coloscopy under a general back in may and this was about 2cm came back unsucessful. I had my 5th biopsy to see what type of cancer i have last Monday and thankfully they managed to get a grading and type of cervical cancer... HPV is in 4 out of 5 women it is very common in women and most women don't even know they have it and can live cancer free for ever. some of us arn't that fortunate... I had a smear back in Jan and like you the blood just poured out as soon as the nurse touched my cervixs... test came back inconslusive however it showed i had chylamedia (HPV) which i had treated and still the symptoms persit the bleeding, went back to doctor and demanded to see a gynaey.. after doctor examined me he decided i couldn't carry on like i am and said he would arrange for me to see a gynaey... so on the 2nd July i was told that 100% it was cervical cancer.. My consultant was praying it may be endometriosis however my macmillan nurse had already said she is 99% sure that it's cancer... if you do have the same as me, you will continue to bleed untill they decided how to treat you. ive been off work for 3 weeks now because since the coloscopy i just haemorrage so ive been signed of untill futhur notice... i have my meeting with ongoloy on tuesday to talk about my treatment xxxxx



Just want to say.. don't panic. You haven't been diagnosed with anything yet and there are other conditions which can cause similar symptoms to yours, erosions, polyps, infections etc. I always bled during colposcopy and smears (although never in between - only when it was poked). I hope you get some good news soon.