Have I been waiting too long?


i feel that I have been waiting so long for my colposcopy especially with my symptoms I'm worried and keep chasing it up and they keep saying I'm on the waiting list for an appointment. 
smear test 7/9/20

resukts 17/10/20 high grade hpv+ and high grade cell changes 

referred to colposcopy 28/10/20

also front pelvic pain, lower back pain, spotting between periods  and bleeding after sex (not too much but each time)


I have also had 3 tumours in the past (pre cancer thyroid tumour removed, parotid gland tumour removed, breast tumour removed) I now have a lump under my arm and I'm worried there's something new or reoccurring in my lymph nodes.  


yoh are absolutely waiting too long! I would be phoning and making a lot of noise! The NHS is in shambles, you honestly have to force the issue as no one else will do it for you!

good luck!



If you can be flexible about dates and times you might want to ask about being on a list for.cancellation appointments.


Thank you both for replying. I have phoned my gp nearly every fortnight. They say your referral have been made. So I call the hospital and speak to referral management they say your on a waiting list. Then last week I called gp again due to bleeding after sex that was Sunday and today (wed) still very heavy they said they will contact colposcopy so I called yesterday they said no they just put a new referral in. So this is what I'm up against. 

Maybe it's time to get Patient and Advice Liason Service (PALS) involved?  Most reasonable size hospitals will have a PALS department.