Had the LLETZ for CIN2

I had the LLETZ procedure for CIN2 cells on the 2nd November.
Sorry for the graphic details but I’m not sure who else to ask because my Dr’s are shit.

My discharge started off very watery, ranging from pink tinged to yellow/light brown. However over the last 2/3 days it’s thicker and dark brown. The smell isn’t horrific.
It’s just like that brown discharge you get at the start and end of a period. I’ve googled it and everything online is saying “watery brown” I’m just hoping that everything’s ok?
I still get the occasional shooting pains in my lower tummy down to the vagina.
I feel emotionally drained but I feel well in myself and I don’t have a temperature.

Has anyone else post LLETZ experienced this? I wish there was more post LLETZ information out there!
I’m scared my body isn’t healing or something bad has happened.

Hi @Emma2

What youve described is perfectly normal after having a LLETZ i had the same after my treatment, only way i can explain the smell is vegetabley haha but aslong as the discharge doesnt actually smell foul/rotten and your not doubled with cramps it doesnt sound like theres any signs of infection… just keep an eye on if anything changes like the smell gets foul, pain gets worse/lasts longer or if you just start feeling off see someone about getting some antibiotics xx

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Ah what a relief, thank you for your advice. I talk to the hubby about everything but I feel like discharge talk may be a bit too much haha!

Thanks again & I hope you’re well?