LLETZ Discharge.

Hi, Im 24 and had my first smear, i had abnormal cells, so the gyno did LLETZ treatment straight away… I had it done on Tuesday 19th, suffered that night with some normal cramps and worked 8-5 the next day as a ‘nursery nurse’ all felt good except a small ache like feeling towards the end of the day… Since Friday iv been so concious of this watery discharge, at time i feel it coming out like im doing a wee, and getting this unusual smell… My boyfriend promises me he cant smell it… At first i wasnt worried but the more i read the more i worry i have a infection? I feel well otherwise. Iv had no blood yet, except a small amount Tuesday night, (browny with dark red/ black bits) … Im trying to give it till Tuesday (a week since my lletz) but its making me feel so yucky about myself!!


I have had two Lletz treatments now , the first one being a large area so I experienced quite a lot of bleeding and discharge for a while after . The second Lletz which was done in the clinic I just had the watery discharge you describe for oust over a week, if it gets worse  you start to feel unwell  would maybe go to docs but otherwise it sounds normal , not pleasant though .

take care Anne x

Hi Anne. Thanks for your reply! After worrying Sunday the watery smelly stuff stoped, typical. Im now just having a light brown discharge sometimes with blackish bits, that i gather are very normal? And dont feel unwell at all. Just anticipating my results but not letting it get to me as its hopefully all been removed now anyway! :) xxx

Thats good all settled good luck with your results x