had my colposcopy today (borderline follow up plus cervical cyst)

Hi guys,

You may remember me from this post: http://forum.jostrust.org.uk/forum/cervical-screening-smear-test-discussions/new-here-borderline-results-cervical-cyst

Today I had my colposcopy!

It was quite fast and I had slight burning but nothing major.

Anyhow, he noticed my cervical cyst and said it looks normal (nathbothian cyst) and he didn't bother to biopsy it.

He saw a small area on my cervix which was abnormal but it was so small that when he went to biopsy it he actually couldn't!

He told me to just wait and see what happens over time. Is this normal!?

He took another smear to see what strain of HPV I have. I should get the results in a week.

So, lets hope the cyst goes away and that my abnormal area returns to normal over time.

Afterwards I have slight cramping and quite abit of discharge but no blood or anything.

Hiya, I'm glad it went well for you, they took the watch and wait option with me too, so if they think it looks like cin1 with maybe a little bit of 2 they will sometimes leave it. Did they tell you when you are going back?. Xx

I went for a colpscopy yesterday and like you I also have a couple of cysts on my cervix. The consultant decided to lance the biggest cyst there and then and biopsy taken of surrounding cells.

It was quite painful and I've had lots of cramping since and blood too. I have to continue to take northisterone to stop my bleedingĀ  and now just awaiting results.

I think they try and leave the cysts alone because they usually go away by themselves. My consultant only lanced mine because it was quite big.

I hope all goes ok for you.



Hi I'm back again!

So after that coloposcopy in March I got my smear results he did which were the same and also claimed I have high risk HPV.

September I went for another smear at my GP's.

Results had progressed to mild dyskaryosis.

Today I had a colposcopy at Basildon hospital and it was SO quick. He saw my cyst and I looked at it too. He said it was normal and common.

The colposcopy was clear. I was really amazed and asked how is it possible for cells to go from mild dyskaryosis to clear in a month?

Has anyone else had this?... He told me to have another smear in 3 years! No way am I waiting 3 years. Will have to pay and have one done next year.