Gynaecologist after two lletz

Hi I was wondering if any one could please help me as I’m confused and having a bit of a melt down I’ve had cin3 and two lletz in the last thew months and was told I should have a letter soon to say they got the last of it but instead I’ve received a letter via a portal NHS from gynacolist with not much information stating they have given me an appointment to discuss my options for treatment and to be honest it’s thrown me has any or does anyone now what this means please as my results weren’t mentioned and I don’t know what to think and help would be greatly appreciated x

Hi @Zozox

The appointment will likely be for another LLETZ treatment or they might want to discuss other treatments like cold coagulation, laser etc it doesnt sound like they have clear margins… if they had found anything more than CIN you would have had a phonecall to come in ASAP to discuss your results not an appointment to discuss further treatment, the apppintment would also be with oncology rather than gynaecology as a gyneacologist couldnt offer the same treatment or stage us, once CC is confirmed we are refered straight to an oncologist xx

Thank you so much that has made me feel so much better this forum is amazing the people it’s brill x I didn’t have clear margines after the 1st lletz either thanks again x