Possible hysterectomy

So after an agonising 6 weeks wait for my LLETZ results (I’m CIN3) my letter only told me they were discussing me at their next meeting. This sent me into a mad panic so I rang for an explanation, to be told there was no evidence of cancer. Phew! But why on earth the letter couldn’t say that instead of more waiting and worrying.
So they called me back last week for further LLETZ treatment but I’m questioning the care I received.
The Dr seemed very inexperienced and really hurt me despite only looking, as further treatment under local wasn’t possible. The nurse kept asking the Dr rather than me, if she was ok!
When I was signing the form to agree to a general I noticed she’d written hysterectomy at the side. No explanation. So I asked and she said because you’re over 50 (I’m 53 and started menopause 2 years ago) you’ll probably have to have an hysterectomy and then said go with the nurse to get weighed. That was it. No advice or explanation. I walked out in shock.
I wrongly assumed I’d have a chance to talk to someone but my letter arrived within a couple of days and my operation is in 2 weeks.
I don’t even know what they’re going to do.
I’ve had to Google everything. I feel like because I’m over 50 I don’t matter enough to discuss my treatment. Absolutely terrified.

This is disgusting. Please call your GP and tell them that you’re booked for an operation and you haven’t even been told what it is. Do not sign anything else until you are fully informed as to what you’re consenting to. You did not consent to a hysterectomy - you consented to a GA for a LLETZ as far as you’re concerned. Do not let anyone do something to you that you have not given informed consent for. I do hope you can get this sorted out.

Thank you I will do. We’ve just moved from Yorkshire to Cheshire and wasn’t sure if this was normal practice but it certainly didn’t seem right xx

Wow that is definitely not right and you should definitely complain about it. For CIN3 you are definitely entitled to a second LLETZ treatment to get the abnormal cells out instead of going for Hysterectomy your age should not matter. Hope you can get the right doctor. Good luck

They said there wasn’t much left to take under a local and would need a general which I understand but to scribble hysterectomy like it was nothing and no explanation! I’m horrified. I’m going to ring the clinic tomorrow xx

That’s one bad experience. Zero communication. The dr can make such a difference to your well-being and piece of mind. When he said hysterectomy from nowhere bet you were ready to do a runner. There is a standard of care and that is well below it. Hugs

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