Referral following Lletz

I had a biopsy following my first smear last year and although cell changes they told me to smear within a year and that nothing would change because of my age. Follow on to this year and I had to have lletz done for high grade cells, I received a letter today assuming it would be my results but it states I’ve been referred to gynaecology for future treatment and care plan and they’ll be in touch with either a face to face appt or a telephone appt. Has anyone had this before? I’m trying not to worry about it but naturally this is quite hard to do - thanks in advance x

Hi Becky, I had exactly the same thing, LLetz for CGIN said they would just book me in for my 6 month follow up, I then recieved a letter with an appointment for 2 weeks later. I rung up just thinking it must be a mistake and they said they just wanted to make a further care plan and discuss how often I would need to be seen etc. I went to my appointment tbh not really concerned to be told they had discovered stage 1a1 cervical cancer, although a complete shock it made no difference to my treatment as they were happy they had removed it all. They have suggested a hysterectomy due to it being CGIN and hard to keep under control. I’m currently 7 weeks in waiting from my 6 month test of cure so currently none of the wiser if I have stayed clear :disappointed:. Although mine wasn’t good news hopefully this will make you feel confident that even with a cancer diagnosis you have been through the worse part and that was the physical treatment! You’ve done it !! Try not to stress and enjoy your Christmas any questions I’m happy to help xx

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Hi Frankie,
Thank you for replying and I’m so sorry that happened! It seems like they make a habit out of not giving us very much information before hand! I did question maybe this could be the case and like you said I’ve already had the lletz so hopefully this is done the job. I too was just expecting a letter saying to book in again in 6 months and I hope you get your results soon! I think the worst part of all of this is the waiting, definitely has a mental impact as it’s always on your mind. I’m trying to just continue to think positive until I have my face to face and know what’s really going on. Just needed to question the letter as it was all very vague and not what I was expecting! Hope you have a lovely Christmas time too! Xx