Got some good news

Hi ladies

I saw my consultant on Tuesday for my post operation follow up. I got the best news. The radical hysterectomy and lymph node dissection was a success. There was no residual sign of the tumour and my lymph nodes were clear so no further treatment needed at the moment.
I am over the moon I could’ve kissed him!!! I’ve 4 monthly check ups for first 2 years and then they move to 6 monthly. Just can’t believe it all still quite numb. Looking forward to celebrating once I’m feeling a bit better post op. My bladder and bowel still aren’t right and my left leg is numb but I don’t care - that can all be sorted.

Just wanted to share my news and thank everyone for all their support through this journey. You are all incredible ladies and I’m blessed to know you all!!!

Lots of love


Jan 2016 went for routine smear

feb 2016 called for colposcopy after abnormal cells detected biopsies taken

april 2016 confirmed abnormal stage 3 precancerous cells and given lletz treatment told see you in 6 months

26 April 2016 called in to see consultant told had cancer (world fell apart) believed stage 1a1 red flagged for cone biopsy

19may 2016 cold cone biopsy to stage cancer waiting for results

1st June told another tumour found in biopsy staging changed to 1b1

8th June discussed at mdt meeting and moved to another hospital. Also on waiting list for MRI

16th June MRI

21st June met new consultant radical hysterectomy advised given surgery date 21st July

21st July laproscopic radical hysterectomy with ovary conservation and lymph node dissection.

9th August follow up meeting with consultant lymph nodes all clear, no further treatment needed - 4 monthly check ups

That's amazing!! Well done love! So please for you xxx 

Take it easy xxx 

Congrats.  This is great news for you and your family. Celebrate once you are up to it. Thanks so much for sharing your great news, it always helps to hear nice things. 


Yay!! Fabulous news!  

Michelle - print Tanita's post and tape it to your mirror!

love t x

Thanks sweetie 

i am over the moon!!! You'll be grand too!!! It's the waiting that is the worst part. Soon you'll be on the other side of the op getting stronger everyday!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!! 

Love you 

Tanya xxx

Thanks Lolli

I hope the chemo/rad is going well for you honey.

lots of love 

Tanya xxx

Thanks Teresa

Hope all is well with you 

Love Tanya 

Hey! Tanita!


Thanks Tivoli  xxx

Great news Tanita.  Take it easy, my leg still gives me bother now and again and my surgery was end of March xx

Thanks Amethyst

My consultant said my leg might take months to get sorted. He also warned me there could be some lasting effects. It's my bowel that's giving me the most grief. Everytime I go I am in agony (but I'm not constipated) Ive been drinking peppermint tea to stop wind pains but not sure it's that either. Im hoping it sorts itself out.

love Tanya xxx

Great news Tanya!

I'm five weeks post op and I too found that it took a while for my bladder and bowel to go back to normal. I found that if I needed a wee, even a bit, it gave me tummy and pelvic pain. That has almost completely stopped now. My bowel still isn't completley back to normal, in that I do get a bit of pain if I need to go, but again, it has improved loads. Just give it time, you'll get there.

Also like you, I have leg numbness, which I hate. I think it's improving a little, but I believe it can take over a year to get back to normal.


Thanks so much for replying to me. It's reassuring to know I'm not the only one with the numbness and pain. Hopefully with time it will clear up. I hope all is well with you.

lots of love