Relief mixed with good news

Had my MRI results back today NO lymph involvement and no spreading still a 1B.  Having a radical hysterectomy in the next couple of weeks and then my consultant believes I will be cancer free.  I feel like I have been on a life changing journey that is going to be coming to an end soon.  I know its a big op but I can face that.  Thankyou for the support xxx


Hey Emma,

Ah that’s good news. Good luck for your surgery, you’re right you can definitely face it! Let us know if you have any questions xx

Yay! Excellent news :) I had those results from my MRI last week and its a fab feeling isn't it :) xxx

So pleased for you having some good news when everything seems so dark must be such a good feeling I hope all goes well for you.

if you don't mind me asking do you know if everyone goes for a MRI scan before this op? Or is it only in certain cond font worry if you don't know 

really am so pleased for you xxxx

Thanks guys

I think an MRI scan is compulsary as they check the lymph nodes and all surrounding areas for evidence of spreading. 

After all the worry and all the tests I feels great and I know its a big op but a fair trade for cancer I think x

Love Emma x

Great news Emma. Can you have the hysterectomy via keyhole surgery? The recovery is much quicker.  Do you have to wait long? Xx 

my consultant is doing it key hole, and it will be done within two weeks x

Fab news!! Time to conquer the next step!! :slight_smile: x


Great news! i remember being so frightened in the MRI not the process itself but what they might find, my teeth were chattering with fear whilst going into the tubey thing.  and then i was trying to read the technicians faces as i came out.

i took should be having my RH in the next few weeks, i'm really just waiting for a phone call.  it sounds like a bad date setup.

so good luck and moving forward...

also love your attitude to this, i flit between fighing this cancer and why me...




I got a phone call from my consultant himself, what a lovely man, date is booked 15th of August, im so happy, sad I know but I have spent to much time crying and feeling sorry for myself, I am lucky many have it worse...........thankyou all so much :)

I know this op is serious but in the scale of things not as serious as cancer xxx

Much love Emma x