Good news

Hi Everyone

Am so happy and relieved to share a bit of good news after all the moaning I have done over the last few months.

My consultant rang yesterday to let me know my results from radical hysterectomy. Cancer was still found in cervix but all removed and 19 lymphnodes taken were ALL CLEAR - yeah !!

Although he has not read full histology as he is on holiday in Turkey he took time out to let me know enough to ease my mind and will discuss fully 10.1.13. No further treatment is expected. :))))

It has been 1 hell of a journey and my nerves have been in bits at times ironically more about waiting and not knowing than 1b1 diagnosis!!

Recovery from op is going ok and its silly things like wind and bowel inactivity has given me more trouble than anything serious!

Hang on in there lovely ladies it will be your turn for good news soon xxxx


That’s great news, congratulations Kath!

Hoping the 10th will be an auspicious day - you’ll have your results and I’ll be having my op. :slight_smile:

Enjoy your day and may the wind blow free! xxx

Great news you finally have a date Rosehip:))

Do not worry about op - I can honestly say it wasn't as bad as i feared. Are you having keyhole?

Wish the wind was blowing freely lol Trapped wind is difficult to shift and being mobile is the key - you will remember that and even just a few steps makes a difference. Lying on your side also helped (i put a cushion under my stomach for support)

Good Luck and will be glad to hear your good news soon x

great news! congratulations



Hi Kath - yes, the plan is for keyhole - my surgeon is really good and is a keyhole specialist. He seems very confident he won’t need to use a ‘letterbox’, but you never know.

It’s taken quite a long time to get to this point, but that’s really because I’m a 1B2. I have had to have quite a few extra investigations because we wanted to try for a surgical solution if at all possible. I keep being told that if I lived almost anywhere else or had any other consultant I’d be having radiochemo. (I know a lot of women have good experiences of it but many don’t, especialy in the longer term, and I wanted to be sure that I would only have it if I really needed it)

Although I’ve already had my lymph nodes out and know that they are clear, I am still a bit worried that they might find something in the parametrium which will mean radio on top of surgery. It’s a calculated risk but I don’t think I’ll be able to relax until I know for sure.

Because of the additional investigation of tissue between my cervix and bladder that I had last time on top of lymphectomy, my last surgery was quite a big one and it has taken me a few weks to get over it. One of the worst things has been nerve pain in my leg, which is getting better but I don’t gancy getting that again. They seemed to think it was because I had been in stirrups on the table for 8 hours!

I did ok with getting mobile last time so hopefully I’ll do the same next time. Feel ok about the surgery, just want to get it over with now. Will remember your ‘gas tips’ :slight_smile: x

Hi Rosehip

I had similar discussions with my surgeon. For me the surgical route was clearer but always with a plan b that chemo rad may still be needed. At least if you have surgery you still have a back up plan! (Thats how my mind worked it out anyway)

All treatments seem to have some consequences and issues but i am pleased to hear you have had all options aired and are making an informed decision for surgery.

I seem to have turned a corner on day 15 and feel much better. Amazing the power of prunes and peppermint tea!!! If our bodies can do the natural bits everything else doesn't seem too bad lol

Am gonna venture out for a walk today and enjoy some fresh air. Not really a fan of the couch potato :((

Iam sure you will be fine as you have the same attitude as i had to wanting to get it over with then we can just move on......

In case i miss you on here just want to wish you lotsa luck and send hugs for your op and recovery

Kath xx




Hi Kath. That’s great news!!
Do you mind if I ask you ladies a question. I was diagnosed 1b2 just before Xmas. I was told that chemoradiation with brachytherapy was my only option.
At the time we were so stunned that we didn’t ask any questions.
I would really prefer the surgery option but the consultant seemed quite adamant the the radio etc was the right option.
Do you think i should question this when I See her again after my MRI and ct scans later this month?
Thanks I would really appreciate any opinions on which course of action to take. It’s all so confusing
Take care all and good luck
Kelly xx

Hi Kelly

Sorry you have found yourself in this position but welcome to a fantastic site . I am sure you will find loads of support and information  on here.

I was only 1b1 and all surgeons have their own opinion on treatments most suitable. If my cancer had not been so difficult to get at my surgeon was convinced  he could cure me with lletz!!

Hysterectomy was clearer for me but he did make it clear chemo rad may still be needed if lymph nodes were involved. Glad to say they were clear :))

Remember when talking to doctors they will have your best interests at heart but YOU are the most important person and your views and questions are valid. Its worth asking if there is another route with similar outcome.

Rosehip , I am sure will be along soon to comment as she has more experience of this situation.

Best wishes to you whichever way you choose to go ahead





Sorry to be slow to respond Kelly, been a bit busy with treatment and didn’t see your question.

My understanding is that chemorad is the usual treatment for 1b2. It all depends on exactly how big your tumour is and where it is. the problem is if it is near the edge of the cervix and there aren’tenough clear mergins of tissue for them to be confident they can get a safe border around it.

My situation was unusual and I happened to be under the care of a surgeon who was prepared to try. Even then there were other people in the surgical team advising against surgery for me, I know. I still don’t know if I made the right choice - if my pathology tests show anything outside the cervix, I’ll probably end up having radio chemo as well which is the worst possible outcome, and what your team are protecting you from.

It is a horses for courses thing I think. I think you should question you doctors and make sure you understand why they think this is best for you. You can ask for a second opinion if you feel very strongly, but I think my situation is an exception.

Best of luck to you x

Thanks for the reply ladies… I have managed to chat to my Macmillan nurse which has reassured me that this is the right course of action. I meet with my consultant and then the oncologist on Tuesday so will talk it through more then as well. I had all my scans on Friday which has brought it all back to reality. Think I’ve been in denial really. I’ve been doing a bit of reading of forums here and on the Macmillan site and its becoming clearer that this is going to take a lot more out of me and longer to sort than I had thought.
Anyway enough moaning.
Thanks again and good luck to all. It’s really reassuring to have people here to talk to
Enjoy the snow everyone.
Love Kelly xx