Good news today!

Hello ladies!

This morning I had my follow up appointment after cone and lymph node removal for 1b1 adenocarcinoma. All clear!! Yay:))

It took an unbelievable 5 months since the abnormal smear to arrive here, and it has been very hard emotionally, this morning I nearly got a panic attack, but it's such a relief!!

For all the newly diagnosed ladies out there who worry and think the worst-please try and stay positive, hope this will give you a bit of hope and reassurance.. And thank you to everyone that replied to my threads and messages-you were a great support.. Now I can relax a little before anxiety kicks in before my 3 months review..

I'm thinking of writing a post with my recovery timeline a bit later as I struggled to find any info about that..

xxx Anna


Brilliant news Anna!...especially with all the delays you had in the beginning. I love seeing posts like this. I had my rad hys last Thursday. I get my lymph node results on Nov 4th - eeeeek!

So pleased for you. Celebrate tonight xxxx

Thank you Kelly!

Yes I read that you've had your hysterectomy-well done, you seem to be recovering well! Fingers crossed for your results and hope that this is the last waiting you'll have to deal with...

Keep us updated, I'll be  thinking of you. xxx

Congratulations! Great news x

Hurrah for you Anna!

I think that the women stressing in 'Newly Diagnosed' don't read the other forums so perhaps you'd like to pop in there and give them a hug?

Be lucky :-)