Getting myself anxious

Hi everyone 

im just looking for any advice as I had my colposcopy and lletz done on the 18th may and am still waiting for my results, I think the waiting is getting to me as its been 2 weeks 3 days now, I have never had any symptoms before the colposcopy apart from my abnormal smear but now I'm starting to get soreness under my arms that feel like it's swollen nodes on both sides, I'm just wondering if any one else has experienced this or do you think it could be due to hormones or my body having been through what it has been through over the recent weeks? Just think I'm starting to drive myself insane xx 

Stress can do some funny things - it's possible it's down to that. I'd try not to overthink it (I know how super difficult that is!!) too much while waiting for results. Distraction is key :)

Fingers crossed for good news :)

Thank you yes its starting to get to me now, I'm still bleeding post lletz so wondered maybe it could be due to infection but will see how it goes over the next few days, thanks so much for your response, just having people to talk to in the same boat helps so much  xx

That sounds so unpleasant. Usually if it's an infection it bleeds a lot from what I've read, like more than a heavy period! So it doesn't sound like an infection to me. 

No problem at all, hope you feel better tomorrow :) 

Thank you yes I did think the same as you with regards to the heavy bleeding, I think it can go on for upto 4 weeks Depending on the person, I hope you feel better soon as well xx

If it was an infection from the lletz there would be a smell and possibly pains too, so hopefully its just your mind playing tricks on you, but do check with your GP if you're worried xx