Further biopsy at test of cure appointment


Hoping someone else has a similar experience to me.

I had my first lletz procedure 6 months ago for CIN1 and high grade CGIN and was told it went well and everything was removed.

I had my 6 month test of cure check up this week and was expecting a straight forward smear test, but was told there was a visible mark on my cervix and had 2 punch biopsies taken.

They did say it’s possible that what they could see might have been scar tissue from the lletz but I don’t feel very reassured by that as I can’t help but think they would know what scar tissue would look like.

I am so much more emotional this time around than I was after the initial smear results and the lletz and I’m going crazy waiting for the results.

It just doesn’t seem right that further biopsies were needed at this time and I’m convinced I’m going to be getting bad news when the results come through, which could be a 6 week wait.

Sorry for the rambling post but it has helped just to write down what’s going through my head

Hi. Be strong. You can do this. Waiting is just torture, your mind goes a bit wonky. I am waiting for 6 months to go back to colposcopy clinic and to be honest that is going to be the hardest 6 months I have ever had mentally. Women are strong and have to be.x

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Thank you for the kind words. Waiting is definitely difficult. I hope you manage to take your mind off it and relax… easier said than done! X

I dealt with the exact same thing with you 4 years ago. I was diagnosed with high grade cgin and cin 1. I had a cold knife cone biopsy with very wide clear margins. Three months after the cone a clear pap and HPV negative. 6 months after cone something lit up at the colposcopy. Punch biopsies taken and cin 1 again. I was so frustrated. The doctor lasered it under light anaesthesia. Since then, my paps are just showing mild inflammation. My eccs every six months are clear and the HPV test continues to be negative. Enev though 4 years have passed, I still stress when I think about it. I go to the gynaecologist every three months…