Lletz results cgin & cin3

Hi all,

So had my results back today following my lletz under ga and MDT meeting. It was cgin and cin3, I am so glad that no cancer was found.
They said i have 2 options as there were some cells left behind on the outer edge of my cervix so i can have repeat lletz under ga or leave for 6 months for check up as they may have got rid of them whilst cauterising in my last lletz.

Im so confused on what to do i dont want unnecessary surgery but then im worried about leaving cgin/cin3 cells for another 6 months! Has anyone been in a similar position? Any advice? Thank you all…i know ultimately its my decision but I just feel torn! X

Hello, I had CGIN and not clear enough margins after my first LLETZ, I was never given the option to not have a second LLETZ to remove them but when they did there were no CGIN cells as they have been burned off in the first procedure.

I am afraid I can’t answer what I would do if in your position as I honestly don’t know myself. I am wanting to try for my second and final child and was in two minds about whether to start trying before my 6 month test of cure (coming up at beginning of March) but in the end have decided to wait because of the heaviness I feel incase there are more.

Just thought I would share my experience as there were no CGIN cells in my second procedure which did make me feel like the procedure was unnecessary, but I also experience the heaviness of what if there are more. Whatever you decide I am sure will be the right decision, sorry I couldn’t offer a more black and white response x

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Thank you for sharing your experience. I know i wish they hadn’t given me a choice as i have no idea what to do for the best. I am thinking i might just have second procedure to put my mind at ease otherwise i will be worrying with what ifs in 6 months or may need it again then anyway! If anything i didnt need it and was over cautious.

Good luck with your test of cure & your journey on trying for your second child, March isn’t too long away. X

Good luck if you do make the decision. There might be a number for the practice nurse on your letter so perhaps you could call and have a chat if you were not sure which way you wanted to go. Wishing you well