Test of cure results after LLETZ - confused

Hello ladies

I had a LLETZ for CIN3 back in June, then the test of cure in April after several delays at the hospital. I got the letter with the results today, and I’m confused so wondering if anyone can help?

Results say I still have the virus (I’ve had it for at least the last three years…), but no abnormal cells detected. However, on colposcopic examination the doctor considered there was a small white lump - mild abnormality (CIN1). I must say before having LLETZ, the smear and visual examination looked normal/ only CIN1, but biopsies came back CIN2 and CIN3.

They’re booking me for another smear in a year - no biopsy, no further treatment. Is this normal? I’m worried because I know colposcopic examination is more precise than smear, and there the doctor saw CIN1 (at least - I don’t trust it much due to my history). I also thought that any white lump detected in the cervix should be biopsied, but that’s not the case here.

Should I push for further tests/ biopsy or am I worrying too much?

Thank you x

Do you mean the 6M check was a smear? Was this the test of cure?

I asked this too as I’ve had the CIN3 removed but awaiting results, but it was only found on the biopsy after 3 yearly smears saying HPV but no abnormal cells - so I also asked well how was the CIN missed

I asked the same sort of question about what happens on the 6M check, if there is no HPV I understand you would go back to 3 yearly smears. If HPV no abnormal cells then back to yearly smears. Also it may be that the 6M check would be a coloscopy to have a closer look, rather than smear so I am confused as to whether you mean they did that and saw another white blob but left it?

I’m waiting my results it will be 5 weeks soon so I may call them this before just before the 6 week mark they advise. You should have a number to call the nurse I’d give them a call to ask them x

Hi emy0686, thanks for replying :slight_smile:

It was the test of cure. The doctor examined the cervix visually (colposcopy examination), but took no biopsies. Instead, they did a smear test to check if I still had Hpv and cell changes. During the colposcopic examination, the doctor even mentioned doing a biopsy there and then, but changed her mind (I think because they were already delayed at the appoint…) and suggested waiting for the smear results, as if it was Hpv negative no further tests were needed.

I’m very confused because of what the doctor saw in the colposcopy examination, and they seem to ignore that when suggesting next steps - especially taking into account, as it is your case too, that smears sometimes miss cell changes.

I tried to call the nurse with no success…will keep trying. I will update here if I get more info :slight_smile:

Hope your results are all good and can get back to 3 year smears x

Hi, I see what you mean now that does sound confusing! It sounds like they thought it was not high grade then as if it was CIN1 it would be left to review in a year, the fact it is HPV+ then shows further tests so there is no harm calling them to check why you have to wait a year. But to me it sounds like if HPV and no cells then the year is the standard wait for this.

I had my results today, they found CIN 2 and 3 but no mention of margins. It says about the 6 month check so I guess this is the “test of cure” and for this to be a colposcopy - like yours it says “a smear test and colposcopy” to be done. Just a bit confused nothing about margins but I assume it must be clear margins with this result. So really it’s been 5 weeks waiting for what I know already lol