Hi I’m new.
2nd smear (28) came back high grade cell changes. I had my colposcopy today and the dr took a few biopsies but couldn’t perform the lletz treatment as the machine to do it with was broken(just my luck) and was told I have a phone call appointment on the 21st to discuss the results of the biopsy and to tell me when my lletz treatment will be.

I was wondering that as they have taken a biopsy now will they still test the piece of cervix they remove with the lletz? I’m not too worried about it all as I know people who have been through the procedure,but just a bit concerned that if they dont test the piece of cervix they remove with the lletz as well, they may miss something.

Thanks for reading x

They will definitely test the lletz sample too x

Thanks for reply. 

Thats great I was just unsure as from what I have read on here they do the lletz treatment there and then and get the results from that. The doctor said it doesn't look like anything sinister but it will come back as CIN 2 or 3 x