Freaking out and anxiety out of control

Hi, I don’t post a lot in this group, I’m more of a reader. I am 34 (35 on Monday) and I got diagnosed with 3C1 squamous cell CC on 20/06/2022. I have had 25 radiotherapy, 5 cisplatin chemotherapy and 17.5hrs of pulse rate brachytherapy. My treatment was completed on 01/09/2022. I had my 12 weeks post-treatment MRI scan on 25/11/22 and awaiting the results. Since the treatment finished, I have been getting back to a new normal and had almost recovered well. However, over the last 3 weeks I have started to bruise easily again, have constant pain in my back and right hip/groin, problems emptying my bladder and increased discharge. I was trying to remain positive and convince myself that it is probably menopause that is causing all these problems. But recently whilst using the dilator and resuming intercourse, slow and steady, I have started to have some bleeding. Not spotting but actual fresh red bleeding that lasts almost 48 hours and requires a sanitary towel.
I don’t know what to do or think and I’m getting myself in a mess with my anxiety and worry! I don’t have my results appointment until 19/12 but that now seems forever away due to the constant battle with my thoughts and emotions.

Is this normal? Should I be preparing for bad news? What other options are available if the treatment hasn’t completely cured me?

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It’s normal to have the battle with your thoughts and emotions.
What you have to remember is that your body, especially the groin, lower back and vaginal area has been through the most strenuous treatment and it needs to heal, this will take some time.
There will be scarring and this can cause bleeding, the radiotherapy makes your bones and skin more sensitive.
Do contact your CNS or consultant and talk through your symptoms, they can put your mind at rest and suggest ways to help you.

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I feel I’m in a similar situation. With the bruising and bleeding. I’ve had an internal scan today and it’s shown fluid in my cervix so I’m literally panicking like I was when I was originally diagnosed. I was diagnosed age 34 treatment at 35 and I’ve just turned 36. They have requested a MRI for me but god knows when that will be. She did say she wasn’t concerned but to get it looked at. Good luck for your appointment on Monday. Xx

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Hi, i am so sorry that you are having troubles too. It must provide some reassurance that they wasn’t overly concerned, but i full understand and appreciate your anxiety and worry that this may bring. I think this is going to be our lives forever now, especially during the near future. I sincerely hope that it isn’t anything sinister and it can be easily treated.

I am over the moon to report that my scans came back with no measurable growth detected! So I got the ‘cured’ label! I can breath a little but I am struggling to become comfortable with the news as i am aware it can quickly change at any point. Im just going to try and have a relaxed and wholesome christmas with my loved ones.

Merry christmas to you and yours! Xx


I’m so happy to hear you got good news. I was similar at first with the anxiety but can say it gets a bit easier as time goes on. Have a Fantastic Christmas and New year when it comes. Xxx

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