Treatment has now finished

I was having treatment for Stage 3 which finished a couple weeks ago. 25 sessions of Radiotherapy, 3 chemo sessions and 3 brachytherapy. All treatment sessions went pretty smoothly and ive managed it all pretty well until now, treatment has stopped, im back at work and it has all hut me like a tonne of bricks and im really overwhelmed by it all and whats to come after i have my mri scan in a few weeks time.

First of all big hugs.
Ive spoken before about the huge traumatic impact cancer leaves you with even after treatment. Snaxiety is a real thing too! Its very frightening and stressfull.
Im currently having counselling by a cancer specialist i was refeffered by my CNS. Would it be something you would consider?

Yeah i would consider this. Its strange because beforehand i thought the treatment would be the hardest thing for me to deal with but that was all ok and managed fine with that,its now thats the problem😥

If only we could switch off when the treatment is done.
Make a call to your CNS for a refferal, you should be entitled to a certain number of sessions for free. Post traumatic stress is very real and youve been through a massive trauma! Look after your mental health. X

You are so brave for getting back to work so quickly. I had another 5 infusions of the chemo mix after brachy, but that finished in March so nearly 6 months ago and I still don’t feel ready to go to work mentally. As for my mental health, I feel like I’m always back and forth, one second I view myself as healthy and I have faith that everything’s going to be ok and then I’m anxiously googling some words from my latest scan and reading about the big C all day (stories, studies whatever). When I had my last scan in July I delayed getting the results for 2 weeks and I had major depression and anxiety, it was exhausting. I’m also struggling with insomnia so that doesn’t make it better.

I’m not trying to be negative, I think it’s normal to struggle and reach for help. Wishing you the best :blush:

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Thank you for sharing your story and sorry to hear of your troubles. Its very hard,i thought after trearment finished that i would be ok but its actually worse,all treatment finished,back to work etc and physically im ok so all seems back normal but its really far from it.
Take Care.xx

Hi Rach4,

Congratulation for finishing the treatment, That’s a huge milestone! It is pretty normal to feel that way. Unfortunately nobody prepares you about the mental health struggles cancer leaves you after treatment. I remember myself I was really struggling when I finished treatment to come in terms with it. It is not only the emotional impact but the change in hormones doesn’t help at all on this. It takes a lot of time, effort and patient to start feeling normal. Counselling definitely helps so you might want to explore that option. Other tips would be keep focus on a good diet to control your weight, mild exercise, try to do things that you enjoy to do in your free time and couldn’t do during the treatment and make plans for the future. I am 2 years post treatment and I can tell you it get better. Xxx

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and congratulations on your 2years post treatment. Thats great. I had an mri scan on 10th October and have an appointment for the results on the 26th.
As daft as this is,alot of the time it doesnt feel real or doesnt feel it has quite sunk in with me.
Thanks again for commenting,your words and info really helped.xx


I have said many times that I felt the mental health aspect of cancer is not really talked about. People expect you to be grateful and bounce back! It just doesnt happen like that. Its hugely traumatic! I have went down the councelling route and defiantly recomend.
And the come the scans…
I have made a real effort this time to not become incredibly stressed about scans. As many here will tell you , or if youve read through older posts you’ll see, I became badly anxious. I swore id never to it to myself again. Ive had scans recently and the radiographers were extremely busy and were delayed in reporting on it. So ive actually put it to the back of my mind. They said i could try and ring the next week to find out but I said I’d wait.