Freaking out


I finished treatment in Nov 17 for stage 2b Cc. 

I have my 3rd follow up appointment next week and am completely losing it. I am petrified that my cancer is back. I have quite a lot of pain and niggles in my back and around my groin area. Sometimes it feels like there is a big weight in my groin area (I've had this since treatment and sometimes wonder if carrying a toddler around puts pressure on this radiated area and causes the feeling of a weight?). 

Also I do have a bit of discharge lately but I wonder if it's normal as I didn't have any discharge for months after treatment and wonder if my body is now just readjusting? The discharge is minimal and doesn't smell. 

Also I have lost quite a lot of weight. I wouldn't say rapidly but over the last 4 months. It is hard for me to judge because I was pregnant whilst diagnosed and so dont know if I've just lost baby weight and am back to my normal size? Also I have really high anxiety since treatment and I wonder if that contributes to weight loss? 

I just googled recurrent cervical cancer symptoms and could tick quite a few boxes. 

I am really worried. Has anyone had similar symptoms to what I describe? 




rosie  xx

Hi Rosie 

seems we are living the same nightmare. I can attribute a lot of ache and pains from carrying a 22 mth old around too. Except, at my age (42) maybe some of it is age as well or this menopause thing. Or maybe the stress from the teenage daughter or the demands of just work and life in general. 

Its so frustrating not being able to get through a day without some kind of ache or niggle. 

Today, the baby is sick with a cold, I have a sore legs from sciatic issues the hubby has gone on his yearly fishing trip and is gone for a few days. I want to just hide away until Monday when I see my oncologist for my appointment. I'm trying not to take any pain killers but will probably hit up the anxiety pills to be able to not totally loose my crap so I can deal with the reality of all the demands of daily life. 

I'm scared and in panic as well. 

Sending you big hugs and encouragement to get through this rough period of pre appointment fears


Hi Lolli

thank you so much for replying to me. We do seem to be in the same situation at the moment. 

The pains and niggles do give us so much worry. Ah I can't take my focus off them at the moment. 

I wish I could have the biggest hug right now. I try not to worry my family and friends about anything. 

I'll be thinking about you at your appointment tomorrow. Mine is on Thursday. 

Aaah hate this so much. I also just want to hide away til my appointment. 

Let's keep in touch this week to see how we both went xx

Hi ladies

Read your posts and just wanted to offer some reassurance. I’m 4 and a half years out now, and can honestly say I’ve had all sorts of aches, pains and niggles, probably almost every day. Groin pain, back pain, weird stabbing pains in my stomach etc etc. I still get them now. None of them have been the cancer returning. Some are to do with the treatment I’ve had (I’m basically completely stuck together inside!) and some are not. If I had never had cancer, I wouldn’t even think about them. But I have, so I did. Constantly. Fear of recurrence was my biggest issue having cancer and having had a scare at my one year check, it will probably always haunt me a bit. BUT it does get so much easier, I promise. I genuinely don’t even think about it most days now, and it definitely doesn’t scare me anymore. For the first time ever I can’t wait until my check up in January, as it will be my last one.
There is no cure for the worrying and fear, other than time, and ticking off each successful check up, but try to hold on to the fact it will get easier. Don’t ignore what your body is telling you, but try not to get hung up on it either. My rule always was/is to think whether the symptom would have concerned me pre-cancer.

Cervical cancer is fantastically cureable, and the odds are massively stacked in your favour- try to hold on to that thought.

Good luck with your check ups

Ali xx

Hello all brave ladies, 

I am also nervous and very worried. diagnosed cc 04/2017

finised tx - 25 ext radiaton, 6 chemo, and 4 brachy on 7/5/2017

waiting PET scan 10/2017

its been a month having back pain and left lower abd pain. Was worried so bad, you know once you diagnosed "C" any symptoms makes you worried, almost feels like you living on worrisome world..............

Had a MRI back today and got a call from doc's office and stated there is some suspicious on my back........made me even worry n scare now.... doing PET scan this week to find a definite answer............need big support

big hugs and luv to you guys


Hello Rosie,

I think I could relate to your issues. After I gave birth and started treatment, my radiated pelvis and groin areas became progressively painful over the months. I even did an MRI which showed some slight enhancement in my pelvic bone. Initially the radiographer thought it was suspicious but subsequently, after more detailed scan, realized it was stress injury from...carrying my baby! So as she grew and became heavier, my pelvic pain actually increased! Afterwards, I gave up carrying her to avoid freaking myself out and letting my body heal. Now, after almost 3 years, I could carry a 14kg...but just briefly.

Hope this will bring some comfort to ya. All the best for your review! Keeping my fingers crossed for u.


I think the likely hood is that these a side effects of your treatment if they have been there at your 0revious check ups and they have been clear, but on the lead up to a follow up appointment the brain does amazing things to you. If I googled the symptoms, I could say yes to groin pain alot, back pain, discharge, occasional bleeding after sex but assured this is just due to radiated tissue. It's hard to keep your mind logical on the lead up, I still loose my mind and convince myself of all sorts but try to stay positive if. Nothing has changed it is likely just the treatment side effects. Take care xx