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Hi all

First of all I’m sorry if this is a depressing post and that some if you might think I’ve lost my marbles ! But I’d be interested in your thoughts.
I finished chemo and radiotherapy for recurrent cervical cancer mid October 2015 , my consultant has told me should this cancer return again I will be palliative , he does not plan on scanning me again as says if I had a scan and it picked up the cancer , early treatment will not prolong my life therefore no point in scanning me.
I’m back on 3 monthly check ups and due to go back to see the consultant 3rd March , so I’ve been thinking , what’s the point of follow ups ? What’s the point of him examining me if there’s nothing that can be done if the cancer is picked up again anyway ?
I’ve gone back to work and Trying to live as " normal " life as possible , I’ve started swimming and Pilates , I have a great partner and 2 lovely kids aged 14 & 22 and at the grand old age of 42 I’m going to be a grandma in April , so I’m thankful and I’m thankful I’ve recovered from this disease again.
I’m thinking if I’m going to be palliative if the cancer comes back again ,and as the consultant says if it is back , early treatment won’t prolong my life what’s the point of attending follow ups I’d rather live as " normal " life as possible for me and my family for as long as possible . Because being diagnosed a second time shattered me and although physically recovered, mentally it’s still a struggle so if I’m diagnosed a 3rd time I know it’s game over for me so I’m thinking I’d rather find out later than sooner if it comes back and live a happy normall life for as long as possible.
I hope this makes sense , I’ve talked about this with my partner but I’d really like to hear your thoughts , have I lost the plot ?

December 2013 - CC 1b1 Adenocarcinoma , treated with radical hysterectomy ( overarys left)
July 2015 - CC reoccurrence to the left overary , overary removed started chemo / radio ,
Nov 2015 -CT scan clear , no evidence of disease and back to 3 monthly follow ups

Hi Greeni,

That's a tough one. First of all, palliative means treating the symptoms as opposed to going for a cure. It doesn't mean stopping it hurting while you die. Sorry if I have used brutal language there but that is what so many people think that palliative means. I do know that in some cases, even terminal cases, chemo can make the person feel less unwell. When I was having chemo I saw one person who was obviously not going to recover, a guy, I don't know what cancer he had, but there he was having chemo, so there must have been a purpose to it and he was obviously willing to go through with it. I have no idea if that is of any help to you at all but I hope it is.

I can equally understand your desire not to know, but I think that there is a difference between 'uncurable' and 'terminal' so I am surprised that your consultant has said that early treatment won't prolong your life. Obviously, he is a consultant and knows what he is talking about and I am not. I do think though that even though treatment wouldn't prolong your life, it may well imrprove your quality of life.

Lets just hope it never gets to that stage :-)
Be lucky :-)

Hi greeni

i just want to say I totally get where ur coming from.  I finished treatment Sep and although I think I would have options if it came back I know they would be very limited so I sometimes think why bother.


i don't know what to say or advise I just wanted to say I get where ur coming from and hope u stay strong no matter what u decide.



Hi both 

thank you so much for your replies , kimmyd82 I'm so glad you can see where I'm coming from I wondering if I've lost my mind ! Tivoli  thank you for your advice your sentance about not prolonging life but improving quality of life struck a cord with me , you give great advice , your such great support to so many women on this site , thanks again both for taking the time to reply I really appreciate it