Just finished treatment for recurrence of cervical cancer

Hi all

I finished 5 weeks of chemo and radiotherapy 4 weeks ago for recurrent cervical cancer .
the cancer came back to my left ovary which was removed in July , after the op I had a PET scan which came back clear , I then started the chemo and radio , which has now finished .
My consultant I feel has been very negative , he told me things like "the resolution on the scan is not that great, and if he was a betting man the cancer would be back "
My consultant says he doesn’t plan on scanning me again and will treat me depending on any symptoms I may have , I was very unhappy with this as I mentally needed to know that the treatment had worked especially after the comments he made . He has told me that should the cancer return a 3 rd time I will be treated palliativly,
Obviously upset by this I discussed it with my GP who agreed that for reassurance , he would arrange a CT scan , which he kindly did and I had last Friday , so I am just waiting for the results .
physically I’m ok but mentally I’m finding it hard that this cancer may be back for the 3rd time and that I’ll then be palliative , I can’t stop thinking I don’t have long left, that I’m going to leave my children without a mother , I’m also going to a grandma in April and the grand old age of 42 !! And that my grandchild will never remember me . I know there are people a lot worse off than me right now but mentally I can’t stop these thoughts of that I’m going to die soon , I’m on the edge of tears a lot . I’ve refered my self for some counselling and hoping this will help my thoughts , and I have decided to go back to work next month and try to live as normal life as possible , i know I’m very lucky that the recurrence has been treated as curative this time and that it was caught early , I just want to be able to mentally feel better .
Thanks for reading .

Hi Greeni :-)

I'm so very sorry to read this, your consultant hasn't been very helpful at all! Glad to hear that your GP has requested a CT scan, hopefully that will put a smile back on your face. I'm guessing here that your original treatment was a hysterectomy only? I'd like to reassure you that the combination of chemo and radiotherapies is highly effective and I would think that the likelihood of this returning for a third time are dramatically reduced.

Counselling is a great idea and I hope you find it helps you as much as it did me :-)

Be lucky :-)

Hi Greeni,

I am nearly two years in remission for recurrence and get follow-ups

and MRI's every 3 months.

As far as my consultant is concerned if there is no sign of disease job done ;-)

Regarding it comming back I think I have the same odds as anybody else.

The worry is always there once you have had a recurrence,but if you feel well

like you say, just try and get on with your life and put it to the back of your mind

worry and stress is not good for anybody.

To be honest I hate my check-ups they stress me right out.I'm going to cancel my

next one.If I'm not happy with anything I can always call them up and ask for an


Take care

Becky x