Follow up appointment - Polyps?

Hi all, 

Had my follow up appointment today following Lletz and Biopsy in January.

Thankfully it wasnt as bad as last time but he did find a lump, which he removed there and then. He said they would send it off for a biopsy and that it is probably just a polyp?

Has anyone else had experience of polyps? is it possible that it could be something other than a polyp?


Im not too concerned as he didnt appear fazed by it but just thought I would see who else has experienced polyps and if they caused any issues.


Many thanks. x

I had a polyp removed about 5 years ago.  I was told they are really common, especially during pregnancy, & are usually completely benign & absolutely nothing to worry about.  I had no symptoms or problems, (it was found during a routine smear), & I have not had any more since.  Hope this helps :)

  • I have been to see my doctor today due to bleeding after sex and irregular periods. She did an examination and said that she could see what she thought was a polyp. She mentioned that It was soft and was able to move it around. She has referred me to the colonoscopy clinic for them to have a look. All previous smear tests have been normal. Should I be worried. I feel it x