Polyp? Scared !!!

reassurance.. I visited my GP for very irregular periods, bleeding inbetween and bleeding after sex. Smear test came back normal but the doctor referred me for an urgent gynecological appt due to cervical abrasions. I seen the gynecologist today and she is not worried about the lessions but did mention I had a endometrial polyp? She took a biopsy and said she will be in touch within the next two weeks. To be honest.... I'm terrified. I could be worrying for nothing and Dr Google has scared me even more. She said removing would involve a camera and D&C?? I'm 26 and newly married. Me and my husband are trying for a baby which is what prompted me to see a GP about the bleeding in the first place

Hi, can I ask what your results were? I have similiar symptoms including polyp and waiting for my appointment in 2 weeks to discuss next steps.