Pregnant & waiting results

Hi there! Firstly I'm 24 years old and 32 weeks pregnant with my first baby. About 18 months ago I had precancerous cells removed with cold coagulation. Smear 6 months later showed everything was back to normal, and then on sunday i had slight bleeding after sex, this being the 2nd time it has happened, went to hospital for check up and had an internal examination which resulted in a small lump being found on the neck of my cervix. At first I was told it was a polyp, and after being looked at a 2nd time was told it was growth and they couldn't be sure what of. I was admitted and stayed over night while they tried to get me an emergency appointment for a colposcopy. While in hospital I had a consultant come see me, who told me the lump warranted some concern and they weren't happy with how it looked. This of course left me in a state and I was expecting the worst. I had my colposcopy this morning and the consultant who done it took biopsy and I get my results on Friday. He said it didn't have the characterists of a cancerous tumour but it also didn't have the characterists of a normal polyp either. He explained there was a chance it could be cancerous and if it was then we would talk about my options when it came to it. I'm trying to be positive about the fact that he said he sees growths every day and that to him it didn't have the look of a cancerous growth. I feel a bit more positive after hearing that. I'm just wondering if anyone else has been pregnant while going through a similar ordeal and could tell me how things went for them?. I'm feeling quite over whelmed by it all and alone. My partner isn't very good in these situations and we lost his dad to cancer 6 months ago so I feel when I need him most he has shut himself from me.