Polyp and other symptoms (and womb biopsy)

I am new on here and looking for a bit of advice / support following a recent smear test. I have always had my smear tests on time and had normal results. Three years ago the doctor doing the smear said I had a polyp but that nothing needed doing as I wasn’t having any symptoms. At the same time I also had a new Mirena coil fitted. I had no problems with the first coil I had but have had 3 years of problems since having the second one.
Last week I had my most recent smear and the nurse doing the smear commented on the polyp and asked why it hadn’t been removed 3 years ago.
I told her of the constant problems I have suffered for 3 years which include: vaginal dryness, bleeding after sex, sometimes pain during intercourse, occasional light bleeding (though I don’t have periods since having the coil), soreness, occasional swelling and more recently much heavier bleeding after sex.
She has referred me to a gynaecologist and I am awaiting an appointment. She told me they would remove the polyp and will probably want to do further investigations.
I am so worried now as her reaction when she found out the polyp has been there at least 3 years alarmed me and with all the other symptoms I am thinking the worst.
Any advice or comments would be appreciated whilst I wait for my appointment.

Went for my gynae appointment today. The consultant removed the polyp and it is being sent to be tested. He also did a biopsy of the lining of my womb which is also being sent to be tested. He asked about whether there was any history of cancer in the family which has worried me and said that the biopsies would be marked as urgent. Any thoughts or advice please, as I can't think of anything else at the moment.


Still awaiting my biopsy results - It's been two weeks since I had the biopsies. Anybody know if it is normal to wait this long? I am consumed with worry x