Thick womb, red sore in cervix

Hi. This is my first post, am looking for any advice as have unanswered questions. In 2007 after having.abnormal cells cin stage 3, I had two colposcopys and letz procedures. Should have a smear each year. I am now 35 and stupidly havent had a smear for a couple of years (was pregnant). Following some abnormal discharge, itching and then bleeding between periods I had a smear a week ago. The nurse said she could see the cause of the bleeding as I had a my cervix and she would let the doctor know. An hour later the doctor rang me to say he would be referring me to hospital as a fast track case to ensure the skin tag was benign. A week later and i had my appointment today. Had an internal scan which showed that my womb was thick but the doctor said this could be due my period being due so I would need to come back for another scan after my period. They also couldn’t see any blood vessels which you would associate with a polyp. I then had an examination by a doctor and she took several swabs. She said she could see the polyp but it was hard to reach and also that my womb was thick. At the end of the exam she said she was going to speak to the consultant as she couldnt see a polyp. Ten minutes later the consultant came in and asked to examine me. He said my cervix looked fine apart from.a red sore area which could be due to the lining. He said there was no polylp. He then wanted to speak to me and said that my womb was thick and there were two options, taking a combined pill or having a mirena coil fitted as these would reduce the thickness. I’m confused.about this and wished I’d asked more questions. Has anyone been through something similar? Should get my smear results next week and the swabs. Thanks in advance !