Polyp biopsy


I had a colposcopy on Monday (11th Aug) I have abdonminal pain, a light period and a very bloated tummy! I read a previous thread anad it seems I am not alone in the swelling part. That was the first thing that got me to my GP, unusual swelling, couldn't go the loo etc - after numerous different tests I got the colposcopy. The Dr removed a polyp saying she expects there to be CIN on it but she wants to know what grade so I've to go back in three weeks. 


Has anyone else suffered with swollen abdomen? My Dr just can't decide if it's a bowel issue or Gynea !


Thanks for reading x 


Polyps are usually benign so theres a good chance yours is too.  If you've had a normal smear then you probably dont need to worry.  Good to get it checked though!

Sorry - I havent sufferent with a swollen abdomen (except that is always swollen because I've always have a belly on me, even when at a healthy weight :( - just my genetics I guess).

I'm sure since you are being investigated they will get the bottom of it.  Could it be some sort of food intolerance maybe?  There are probably millions of reasons for it that are non scary and just a few that are scary so be positive.


Thanks Janie :-) 

Polyps run in my family, in the bowel though and am waiting for an appt for a colonoscopy so am glad that it is all under investigation. I've read things saying they're benign so am trying not to worry too much. The swollen abdomen just started out of nowhere but it's possible that it's just more prominent as am tall and average build. I just look pregnant! 


Could be worse. Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.